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Lockstep API Feb 2022 release notes

Platform API Changes for releases 2022.3 through 2022.7

Features and changes included in the Lockstep Platform API 2022.7 release:

  • Added Create Batch Import, a new connector-focused API that provides strong validation of input data objects.
  • Added support for Webhooks so that applications can register themselves to receive notifications when objects are created, updated, or deleted.
  • Added Provision Free Developer Account, an API that allows you to create new accounts on demand including an API key.
  • Added AppEnrollmentID fields to various objects to better support accounts using multiple connectors.
  • Fixed issues where zip files uploaded to the Upload Sync File API were incorrectly rejected due to header capitalization issues.

Lockstep SDK updates

  • All SDKs now include data definitions for the Lockstep Sync data models. These models contain definitions for all the different data types that are loaded into the Lockstep API by connectors.
  • C# SDK: Updated to be compatible with DotNet 5.0; added support for API payload compression; fixed issue where documentation was not packaged with the .nupkg file; fixed issues with parsing error messages for 401 unauthorized error codes.

Documentations and example code

For a complete API specification, please see the Lockstep Platform API Swagger/OpenAPI specification.

Want to get started using the Lockstep Platform API today? Visit our developer site and request a free developer account online.



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