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Lockstep API release notes for March 2022

Lockstep Platform API changes for releases 2022.8 through 2022.12

Features and changes included in the Lockstep Platform API:

Other improvements include corrections for URLs in older documentation for currency conversion logic and rewrites for some documentation for more concise names and text.

Some fields that had been deprecated for more than six months were removed.

Lockstep SDK updates

  • Many SDK improvements due to automated lint rules on each repository.
  • Fixes to SDKs to handle “date-only” fields as strings. This prevents them from being accidentally adjusted to a different day by time zone handling logic. Added comments to the fields for clarity.
  • Ability to download files in blob mode using the new direct download APIs for invoices and payments.
  • The Lockstep C# SDK is now published in Dot Net Standard 2.0 format, which provides compatibility with Dot Net Framework back to 4.61. For a full list of compatible DotNet frameworks, see LockstepSdk on NuGet.
  • Added nullability annotations to the Lockstep Java SDK for support for Kotlin language developers.
  • Major changes to the Python SDK to deserialize objects into Lockstep classes. Used Pyre to identify code styling issues.

Documentations and example code

For a complete API specification, please see the Lockstep Platform API Swagger/OpenAPI specification.

Want to get started using the Lockstep Platform API today? Visit our developer site and request a free developer account online.



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