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Lockstep API Jan 2022 release notes

Platform API changes since December 2021

The Lockstep Platform API updates on a bi-weekly cadence. For full details on the API, please see the Swagger/OpenAPI specification.

Introducing Software Development Kits

Lockstep now provides software development kits for use with many common programming languages such as Python, Java, JavaScript, and C#. You can use these software development kits by adding the Lockstep SDK package using your favorite package managers:

For examples demonstrating how to use these SDKs, please see the Lockstep SDK Examples repository on GitHub. Lockstep welcomes pull requests and issue reports on GitHub.

Email and Activity APIs

The Lockstep Platform API now includes functionality related to Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable emails and activity tracking.

  • The Activities APIs allow you to manage and monitor tasks for the accounting team used in Lockstep Inbox. More details on the usage of the Activity system are available in the ActivityModel data schema and on the Query Activities API.
  • The Emails APIs allow you to manage and monitor messages sent by the company’s accounting team related to inquiries and collections tasks. More details on the usage of the Email system are available in the EmailModel data schema and the Query Emails API.

Other Fixes

  • Corrected typo for “Update Activity” API title
  • Added support for API keys in the Swagger / OpenAPI specification
  • Complete Postman collection available on developer site




Lockstep’s API for Developers provides you with seamless integration to over 40 accounting and ERP applications via a single API.

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