Announcing the Results of the Affiliate Campaign

Today, we are announcing the winners of the Hello World affiliate campaign. Throughout January, we have experienced strong visitor traffic driven by affiliates. It has not only resulted in more bookings, but also on many new registrations.

We will continuously analyze the data and apply our findings to optimize future campaigns and marketing strategies.

Rewards and Calculations

Below, you can see the rewards each affiliate will receive from the affiliate campaign.

Cancelled bookings were excluded from the calculation.

The prize pool of 2,000 LOC was shared proportionally after calculating the total points through the following formula.

  1. V = Value of all bookings placed by your referrals during the period
  2. N = Number of unique referrals that placed bookings
  3. P = Total points achieved

Thus, each unique referral provided an additional bonus of 5%.

The top 5 affiliates received additional fixed rewards, which can be viewed on the “Rank Bonus” row.

All rewards will be distributed to the built-in wallets of the marketplace after the referrals successfully checked out from their stay. As outlined in the terms of the campaign, cancelled bookings will not be rewarded.

Thank you for participating. We are looking forward to the next round, which will be announced at a later stage. Stay tuned to not miss it.

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