How LockTrip saved 68% on hotel expenses for this traveler

At LockTrip, we are very focused on delivering on our promises and listening to feedback from our community. Every post on Telegram and every comment on Facebook, Twitter or Medium is read by at least one, if not multiple team members.

As pointed out many times before, our core promise is to offer hotel rooms and rentals for an average of 20% cheaper than anywhere else. We did an extensive analysis on how well we deliver on this promise here.

In order to further demonstrate how real those savings are, we decided to share a real world example from one of our community members, namely Rudi De Roeck (also known as Locktripper #1).

He kindly described his own experiences to someone who asked for feedback from community members who went through the booking process already:

Hi Alex, I’ve booked my hotel in Cologne last week on the alpha platform of Locktrip (with my LOCs of course) and everything worked perfectly well. I saved me about 20%. Our trip is planned for this Thursday till Saturday.

(All quotes are clickable and send you to the exact conversation inside Telegram)

The achieved cost savings he stated seem to be very closely aligned with the comparitive analysis we published previously.

A few days later, the whole team was very proud to see him share his excitement about his first trip booked with LOC tokens:

On our way to Köln for our first LockTrip stay, very excited. Have checked with the hotel and they await us. Flawless, sleek experience booking with LOC. On track to radically disrupt the fantasticworld of travel, LOCCIES!

Only a few hours later, we got another update:

Enjoying our wonderful room at Steinberger Cologne. Booked with LOC of course, and not a glitch! Oh, did I mention I got it 20% cheaper than the lowest price on Trivago?

Saving 20% on your hotel room is a huge benefit already. But the story does not end there. Later on, Rudi stated that he used LOC tokens he had bought previously when the token price was lower. This means, that he actually saved a whopping 68% on this hotel room!

It’s a great feeling knowing that you have a booked room that normally would set you back 250$ a night for 80$ because you timely bought and then used LOC!😜

Thank you Rudi for sharing your story!

LockTrip is the first marketplace with 0% commission where you can save on average 20% on your hotel and rental bookings compared to anywhere else. Learn how to buy LOC tokens to enable access to our marketplace and its lower prices here!

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