Important Update on the Testnet Campaign

Dear Testnet participants, we have already come a long way since the launch of the Testnet. Both in terms of internal testing, as well as the combined experience gained by our community, which we regard as highly valuable.

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We recently experienced a corner case scenario that lead to many wallets experiencing synchronization difficulties with each other and getting stuck at certain blocks. For those of you who are interested in the exact combination of events that lead to this, there is a dedicated Telegram post from our CEO here.

It is important to highlight that only the wallet clients were stuck while the network itself had no downtime.

Despite this, the Testnet performs healthily. Many wallets have already re-synchronized again and the network is progressing blocks as usual.

Please Check your Wallet

If you are running the wallet, please check whether it is up to date (by hovering over the icon at the very right).

The block number in your wallet should match the Blockchain Height which can be obtained from the Blockchain Explorer.

If it is up to date (both numbers matching each other), then you can disregard this article. If it is not, then you need to follow the instructions below:

Instructions for Windows

Instructions for Linux

Instructions for MacOS

Important: You do not need to report any downtime that might have happened during the past week. But starting on Monday, reporting your downtime will again become a requirement.

If your wallet is not fully synchronized, then this means you are experiencing a downtime. Please feel free to contact Jamo or Florian should you need any further assistance regarding the instructions above.

Thank you for participating in the Testnet and supporting LockTrip during this very important process.

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