Join the LockTrip Testnet Campaign

*This article was initially published on March 16*

Dear LockTrippers,

today we are launching our Testnet Campaign, which will allow you to participate in important network testing events while at the same time receiving significant rewards for your efforts.

The campaign consists of mandatory main tasks and optional side events, which will be introduced as we progress.

Let’s dive in!

Main Tasks

  1. Download and install the LockTrip Wallet — Guide (5 mins)
  2. Claim test-LOCs from the Faucet (2 mins)
  3. Start staking (stakes automatically after 1500 block confirmations — no action required) — Guide
  4. Submit the Participation Form (3 mins)

In addition, port forwarding is also highly recommended, but not mandatory. $300 worth of LOC will be awarded to 1 random participant who completes this task. (Guide: Windows, Mac, Linux)


The campaign starts on March 16 and will last until June 16.*


  • You have to keep staking 24/7 in order to be eligible for the rewards
  • Significant pauses (a few hours+) during your staking must be reported strictly. Not reported pauses might lead to a disqualification. This will be checked through our telemetry system.
  • You can join the campaign whenever you like (joining earlier will yield you higher rewards, of course)
  • Do NOT activate wallet address rotation on the wallet settings (it is deactivated by default)

You must stake until the end of the campaign

Prize Pool of $15,000 (distributed in LOC)

The longer you stake (by joining earlier), the higher your share of the prize pool will be. Someone joining for 12 weeks will receive twice the reward of someone joining for 6 weeks.

Event 1 — Highest Transaction Count

This optional event is a competition of who generates the highest amount of transactions on the network.

Owners of the top 10 wallets with the highest transaction count at the end of the campaign period will be awarded the following rewards:

Rank 1 → $500 worth of LOC
Rank 2 → $400 worth of LOC 
Rank 3 → $350 worth of LOC
Rank 4 → $300 worth of LOC
Rank 5 → $280 worth of LOC
Rank 6 → $250 worth of LOC
Rank 7 → $220 worth of LOC
Rank 8 → $200 worth of LOC
Rank 9 → $170 worth of LOC
Rank 10 → $150 worth of LOC

Those rewards can be boosted by scoring the highest amount of transactions within each week.

+ 5% for each week completed at top 1
+ 4% for each week completed at top 2
+ 3% for each week completed at top 3
+ 2% for each week completed at top 4
+ 1% for each week completed at top 5

First week starts on Monday, March 18.


You secured the 2nd place in the overall ranking. And you have secured the following positions throughout 12 weeks:
4 weeks in 1st position → 4 times 5% = 20% bonus
2 weeks in 2nd position → 2 times 4% = 8% bonus
6 weeks in 3rd position → 6 times 3% = 18% bonus
→ Total bonus of 46%
You will thus receive $400 from securing the 2nd position in the overall ranking + 46% = $184 in bonus for a total of $586.
  • The size of the transactions is irrelevant. We recommend to use a very small amount each (e.g. 0.0000001 test-LOC) in order to not get into a shortage
  • You are only allowed to participate with a single wallet
  • Participants must fill this Participation Form
  • Using technical tools such as scripts is allowed
  • You can join this channel to get updates on Event 1

We are looking forward to your participation and to launch more community events on our testnet.

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*We reserve the right to extend the duration by one month, if required by our developers.