LockTrip Trading Campaign

Dear LockTrippers!

We are thrilled to announce a new round of the Kucoin Trading Campaign, which has been specifically optimized for you.

For us it is of major importance that trading remains a social community activity rather than a fight between bots. Therefore, our campaign has been designed to encourage both small and big budget traders alike.

Meet our Tiered Reward Structure

We know that some LockTrippers have limited budgets or strict time schedules. Such participants can join by trading only 1,000 LOC per day.

Traders who have more time or a bigger budget can aim for the higher tiers to receive up to 500 LOC per week! The following structure consists of fixed rewards for predefined targets.*

The daily targets are flexible. You can for example trade 1,000 LOC on Monday, skip Tuesday and continue with 5,000 LOC on Wednesday. There are no requirements in that regard.

If you are aiming for the weekly 500 LOC reward, you have to mind the periods below:

Week 1 → May 18 to 24
Week 2→ May 25 to 31
Week 3→ June 1 to 7
Week 4→ June 8 to 14

The same is true for the weekly competition.

Weekly Competition

In addition to the fixed rewards above, each week there will be prizes for the top 20 traders in terms of volume.

How to Participate

Participating is easy. Simply fill the form below and start trading.

Week 1 → https://forms.gle/SnEfHhzfnVKXcEaf9
Week 2→
Week 3→
Week 4→

  • You should submit your daily trades 1 day after the trades have been made (submission for Monday should be made on Tuesday etc.) Guide
  • You need to submit for each day separately. For this purpose, you can simply edit the already submitted form.
  • A day lasts from 00:00 to 23:59 of your local time shown within the Kucoin exchange.
  • Wash-trading is not allowed.

Enjoy your trades!

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*We reserve the right to change the conditions of the campaign if required.