Meet the LockTrip Customer Support and FAQ

LockTrip is taking another step towards scaling preparations by launching its customer support, along with an extensive FAQ.

Customer Support

As with every high demand service, a dedicated customer support is vital for the overall quality of the offering. So far, we have provided this support through direct contact with our community and customers.

However with growing booking numbers, we have to be able to scale this element indefinitely and flexibly in order to avoid bad experiences in the future due to the lack of an efficient system. We are thus launching a support system that can handle high loads without sacrificing quality.

You can now find it on multiple sections of our marketplace!

Submitting a ticket is very easy and takes only a few minutes. Did your booking fail? Do you have issues with on-boarding your property? Then this is where you need to apply.

Within a short period of time, you will get an answer from our team and your issue will be handled accordingly.

Should you have project related questions, you can now also inform yourself through our extensive FAQ.

Eight subtopics make sure that most of your questions will be answered quickly and precisely. Opening any of them will display you a range of common questions related to the topic.

Most of the questions have simple and short answers, while others are more detailed.

You can also use the search function on the landing page to get results on specific key words.

The FAQ section will be continuously updated and improved (also by taking into account community feedback). Each FAQ article can be shared by a unique link, which makes it very easy to forward them to friends and family, who might also have some of the commonly asked questions.

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