Monthly Recap | February 2019

One more month has passed and many things have happened since.

As always, we want to communicate this progress with you in form of a monthly report and thus be as transparent as possible.

Let’s start with the usual development tasks.

February 1–3

  • LockTrip Blockchain Testnet — Distributed Governance Protocol (Consensus) changes

February 4–10

  • LockTrip Blockchain Testnet — fixing functional and Oracle test frameworks
  • Flight Tickets — protocol updates and fixes
  • Flight Tickets — Full update regarding the frontend
  • Flight Tickets — Backend architecture stability and functional fixes

February 11–17

  • Add referral links to work with custom URLs
  • Fixed error when entering hosting location on maps
  • Fixed — Submitting addresses that can’t be found in map suggestions results in an error
  • Fixed issues with very high priced hotels
  • SafeCharge — added fraud protection support
  • Email template adjustments
  • Flight Tickets — tests and fixes — phase 1
  • LockTrip Blockchain Testnet — performing functional tests and conducting final fixes

February 18–24

  • LockTrip Blockchain Testnet — Prevent reimbursement for contracts when sending or receiving LOC
  • Fixed — Booking shows parsing error
  • Flight Tickets — tests and fixes — phase 2
  • LockTrip Blockchain Testnet — telemetry system and STUN integration + tests

February 25–28

  • Fixed date issues on the “My Trips” page
  • Mobile apps / iOS — Various interface fixes
  • Mobile apps — CI/CD and integration improvements

Other Developments

In early February, we announced our roadmap for the full year of 2019 with a special focus on the first two quarters. You can find the announcement here.

We have also completed our Whitepaper draft and shared it with our core community on Telegram. Many of the suggestions/changes coming from LockTrip supporters were implemented in the final version, which will be shared officially later this week. More than 400 unique suggestions were made. Thank you for your contribution!

Following multiple requests over the past few weeks, we have also joined Blockfolio Signals. This adds one more communication channel to our already broad lineup.

One of the highlights of February was definitely the price comparison analysis we conducted regarding the upcoming inventory. You can read about our competitive prices regarding Asia, Europe and the USA.

Here is a summary of the results:

You can look forward to even more competitive offers around the globe. And keep in mind — this is only another step on our journey of continuous development. Prices might improve even further in the future.

In February, we also asked for your opinion regarding a very important proposal:

Removing LOC prices for unregistered users on our marketplace to prevent confusion and thus improve conversion rates.

You have voted 68/20 for it.

This is an important confirmation for us that the solution we lean towards is a good one. Expect some updates regarding this later on.

Another (small scale) poll we conducted was regarding our blog design. It was improved to be more user friendly and easier to read/view.

Regarding the Testnet of the LockTrip blockchain, February was a very busy month. Countless improvements and fixes were made while continuously testing all moving parts for stability and functionality. This last sprint allowed us to launch the Testnet in early March.

We are now heavily focused on the flights and are waiting for the final green light from our developers — with the new hotel inventory following afterwards.

Thank you for being with us on this exciting journey. We are looking forward for the next full month and even more milestones being achieved.

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