Results of the LockTrip Content Competition

Dear LockTrippers,

We are happy to share the best submissions we received during the past few weeks for the Content Competition.

Winner 1

One of the participants submitted a travel website specifically designed for referring travelers who are searching for a good deal and want to inform themselves about their next stay.

The website is well structured and offers first hand reviews (testimonials) in the form of a personal blog. This article for example describes a trip to Langkawi Island, including tips on what to see and a detailed price comparison analysis featuring LockTrip vs. the competition.

We believe that this kind of travel blogs can easily convert customers into referrals. People love travel blogs and want to learn about their future destination before proceeding with the booking.

Winner 2

This participant has submitted a detailed and well designed summary about LockTrip and our future potential.

While it does not target mainstream travelers directly, the resonance within the crypto community has shown to be strong. Our followers liked the visual appearing and the overall structure. When shared among blockchain enthusiasts, there is a good chance that this piece of work will attract new users to LockTrip.

Winner 3

This participant has taken a different approach. Instead of creating content targeting referrals, the website below has been built to attract high quality affiliates.

The goal is thus to build a network of affiliates and profit from level 2 referrals. With its 5 sub-sites communicating the most important information in small chunks, potential affiliates get a clear overview including a reward calculator and suggestions for a successful affiliate strategy.

Each of the winners will receive a reward of 170 LOC.

Other Submissions

Below you can find other submissions that did not make it into the winners podium, but might still inspire you when creating your own content.

The LockTrip Poem

The Game of Thrones Affiliate

LockTrip Booking Instructions

Bulgarian Travel Site

We want to thank everyone for the great submissions and are looking forward to future rounds!

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