Unveiling [Project-X] — Leveraged Staking, DeFi, Fiat Trading & Visa Card for HYDRA Ecosystem. Participate in the Brand Poll to pick a name!

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4 min readJan 29, 2022


The time has come for us to unveil the next project to enter the HYDRA ecosystem. Most of our community members already know that focusing on strategy is a central part of our organization.

Instead of focusing on quantity, we believe that the right project could make an impact that is equivalent to a thousand random/conventional projects. And what is more important — having a handful of projects to form a strong functional core could yield a powerful network effect.

Following this trajectory, we’ve worked on identifying on what is the most strategic project that could make a leveraged impact on the entire HYDRA ecosystem.

As the infrastructure level of HYDRA and interoperability is nearing an inflection point, ease of use and ease of access to the HYDRA DeFI ecosystem come to the spotlight.

Unveiling [Project-X]: a one-stop-shop mobile app that opens the world of crypto with a strong focus on staking and access to DeFi investment tools.

The highlight:

  • Mobile-First Experience App with a focus on ease of use and intuitive design. Unlocking the best of DeFI without the hurdles of conventional exchanges.
  • Pioneering the world’s first Leveraged Staking Product -> Designed specifically for POS assets in order to magnify the APR impact and enable POS assets as collateral while staking uninterruptedly.
  • Flexible Staking Pools → One-click access to staking HYDRA as well as other POS assets
  • Fiat-to-Crypto trading → Via virtual pairs through the use of existing liquidity in DeFi and CeFi
  • Crypto-to-Crypto Trading → Through the utilization of DeFi and existing liquidity
  • Open Stablecoins Lending Market → For an attractive APR
  • Savings “Earn” Product → Enabling fixed APR for stablecoins
  • Visa Card → Allowing instant access to funds without interrupting staking. You can access your funds, while they are working for you in the DeFI ecosystem.
  • SEPA Banking → Obtaining Electronic Money Institution (EMI) license for EUR banking capability
  • NFT Wallet → hold securely and transfer your purchased NFTs with the click of a button

The project will have its token economy based on an HRC20 token and aims in bringing not only powerful synergy for the HYDRA ecosystem, but also to enable an attractive product to all other POS assets. The team will onboard additional POS assets into the product to facilitate widespread adoption.

Despite the significant market potential, the [Project-X] crowdfunding will be subject to a very limited total hard cap of $2.4M. A DEX liquidity event will follow the conclusion almost immediately afterward.

Only $2.4M Hard Cap for the campaign

The token economy, leveraged staking product, and crowdfunding architecture have been designed by the HYDRA team as a form of contribution and as part of its ongoing strategic advisory to [Project-X]’s operating team.

[Project-X] also receives a $100,000 HYDRA grant and the LockTrip Entity will own a minority 25% stake in the new entity.

Make sure you read the project Litepaper PDF!

Click Here to Download PDF Whitepaper

Click Here to view Web-based Whitepaper

Help the team define the perfect brand by picking your favorite option in the poll that is taking place in the HYDRA community.

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HYDRA is a proof-of-stake blockchain optimized for real-world businesses. It tackles some of the most profound and challenging issues with existing blockchain economies and introduces a truly shared economy with fair treatment to all network participants. Some of the more notable features:

🔥 100% Burn of all Transaction Fees

💎 50% Royalty on Gas for Smart Contract Creators → More Info

📌 Fixed Coin Transaction Fees of $0.20 → More Info

📌 Fixed Token Transaction Fees of $0.50 → More Info

💰 20% Minimum APR Staking Income → Staking Calculator

📈 Up to 540 TPS Elastic Capacity

🔏 EVM Compatible Smart Contract Platform

⚙️ Wallet-Level Scalability → More Info

🗳 Unique Decentralized Governance Protocol



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