Winners of the Content Competition

Dear Community,

we have received very interesting submissions for the content competition and would like to share some of them with you. They might also be an inspiration to create your own unique content to boost your affiliate conversion rates!

The selection of the winners was not easy and many criteria were taken into account. How creative was the format? How informative? What about the quality? Did the focus lie on LockTrip?

Our criteria was not limited to those, but they provide a general idea on how we selected the winners. And we must say that it was very close for a few of the submissions.

Winner 1 — Wanted: LOCKtrip — Crypto Homeless Moses (& the Blockchain Gang)

One of the participants took a very creative approach and performed a LockTrip-song. The resulting video resonated very well among our community and is surely a fun way to present LockTrip.

While it might be a bit difficult to understand the text in full, the lyrics in the description are of great help.

Winner 2 — How we saved 900 Euro when booking hotels for our 2019 EuroTrip?

This participant humor-fully describes a tour around 6 European cities and how booking through LockTrip saved his and his friends a total of 900 Euro. It also includes price comparisons for each stay and provides a tutorial-like explanation on how to replicate this (for potential referrals).

Especially the rich picture content complements the text to a very enjoyable read.

Winner 3 — Still using You’re probably paying too much.

Very strong headline. Coupled with the funny piggy bank that is dreaming of its next vacation, this medium article does a great job in collecting the attention of readers.

This participant also does some educational work by explaining how LockTrip is able to offer such competitive prices.

Especially the integration of testimonials from customers that used our service adds a great value to the article.

Bonus Winner — LockTripper

This one is a bonus winner that is not directly related to the content competition, but added great value to the LockTrip community since its launch and thus deserves a special mention here.

The website tracks bookings and visualizes them in great graphics (among others). Definitely worth a look!

All four winners will receive their reward of 150 LOC to their built-in wallets of the marketplace.

Below, we want to share some additional submissions that might be of interest to you.

We want to thank everyone for participating and are looking forward to launch additional rounds of the content competition in the future.

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