Our 5 favourite things about the metaverse

This week, we’ve decided to give ourselves the unenviable task of listing our 5 favourite things about the metaverse. Spoiler: it was really, really difficult! Our shared digital world is built on opportunity and choice and we’re sure your top five will look a little different to ours. But that’s great — that freedom of expression and choice is what the metaverse is all about.

A cause for change

We love our world. But we know it’s far from perfect. And we’re never afraid to call things out when we think change might be needed — the metaverse gives us the platform to be able to do so. It’s easy for us as developers to only shout about the good stuff, but being open about how we can grow and evolve is just as important.

Our #ChooseToChallenge campaign as the perfect example of this. We recognise that there is still lots of work to do to tackle gender equality and ensure our spaces remain inclusive for everyone. It’s work that must be done by us all — us included. And we took extra steps to ensure the voice our players hear when we’re discussing societal issues is a personal one. By taking time to share the thoughts of our employers individually — we want to show that we really mean business when it comes to instigating a new mentality.

All abilities are welcome!

We’ve all been there — you’ve finally unwrapped a game you’ve been wanting for ages. You finally start getting to grips with it but there’s a level you just can’t get past, or a team or opponent you just can’t defeat. And while it does add a sense of achievement if/when you finally manage to overcome in-game adversity, Avakin Life lets users jump straight, no matter what your previous gaming experience is.

And we wanted to really solidify this sense of inclusivity with the introduction of our new Creative Kit. Whether you’re a first time player, or a content creator extraordinaire, Avakin is for everyone and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Connection is key

What makes the metaverse so special is its constant ability to adapt while always staying connected. Wherever we go, our digital worlds can come too, and that’s non-negotiable. The games we love are now less a form of escapism but more, an extension of our most authentic selves.

Avakin Life, like many other metaverses, brings people together and we shouldn’t underestimate its importance. Especially when there are so many things going on around us that seem to be driving people apart. It feels like we’ve been around for so long already but the most exciting thing is that we’re really only just getting started. And everyone is going to be a part of our journey!

And speaking of journeys, we’re still over the moon about our recent live in-game event, partnered with TheSoul Publishing for an exclusive watch party with the incredibly talented Polar. And if you haven’t heard her new release, Close to you, we definitely recommend it! Here’s a sneak peak of what our users have been up to recently, we just love how creative our community is!

A limitless future

Sometimes, the best thing about the future is that we just can’t predict it. Mobile Gaming is growing rapidly and developers are finding more ways to innovate, entertain and wow their audiences. The criticisms that can be levelled at music, film, TV and the other art forms just can’t be attributed to gaming. Those other worlds we mention are now looking to us to be the torch bearers — and we’re confident we can carry the flame!

Our industry is encouraging societal change whilst finding unprecedented ways to put on a show simultaneously as well. We should be proud of what we’ve created so far, but hungry for what can go on to achieve in the future.

Self expression

You could argue that we’ve saved the best for last, but putting this list in order is another story altogether. Our slogan, our mantra is centred around being able to unlock the unlimited ways to be you. Without it, Avakin Life wouldn’t exist the way it does today. And we just can’t imagine that! Every user that enters our metaverse is encouraged to express themselves authentically. Check out this bit of user content to see just how endless the possibilities are for those that immerse themselves into our metaverse!

So there we have it — our 5 favourite things about the metaverse. The truth is we could have had 55 but we’ll leave the rest of the debating up to you! Don’t forget to let us know in the comments and on social media what your 5 favourite things about the metaverse are!




We’re Lockwood Publishing, leading independent developers and creators of Avakin Life.

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Lockwood Publishing

Lockwood Publishing

We’re Lockwood Publishing, leading independent developers and creators of Avakin Life.

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