Social gaming’s social responsibility

We’ve seen a constant strive for realism from gaming developers in recent years. From hyper-realistic graphics to increased levels of social interactivity in-game, these developers have sought to bring our favourite games to life in the most imaginative ways.

But it’s clear to all of us that as an industry we have a responsibility to do more than just entertain — we need to highlight and promote social causes and help shape the real world in the way we shape virtual worlds every day.

The game never stops

In all honesty, this isn’t a new avenue for gaming companies to explore. For over two decades, games have initiated dialogue over a wide range of social issues — often without consciously intending to.

It’s fair to say that mainstream games have historically favoured young, cisgender, white, male protagonists — thus favouring the same audience demographic. Despite continuously hitting astronomical sales figures, there have been gaping holes in the industry we all love so much!

Undoubtedly, this is an area of concern and continues to be a hugely contentious talking point. We have previously discussed the role of women in gaming and how some games have been previously problematic when it comes to diversity and representation.

But why is this so important? Well, we think the answer is pretty easy! No matter how real the gameplay is, the most powerful way to resonate with a game is to see characters that look like you!

As we mentioned, the gaming industry is on a continued quest for realism within their games, this doesn’t just stop with innovative graphics though. Ensuring the metaverse includes an accurate depiction of the world outside of gaming is just as important as the gameplay itself.

Which is why at Lockwood, we have continuously sought to expose our players to a diverse range of characters. The likes of Nadia Fox have been the face of one of our most popular events to date — we simply want to continue the important narrative and ensure inclusivity for everyone. We take immense pride in this responsibility!

Still buttons to be pressed

The pandemic has accelerated many of our vices. From intensified online shopping habits to newfound craft beer affinities, we’ve had more time on our hands to get our habitual juices flowing.

The continual rise of loot boxes has seen question marks raised over whether these randomised reward purchases need more stringent regulations. We have seen a worrying increase in young gamers “addicted to the buzz” that these unpredictable gaming packs contain.

But who does the responsibility really lie with on this?

We love our industry and we’re proud that it is the most influential within entertainment. But the influence needs to be used for positive change.

This is why Lockwood has pledged from the get-go that transparency will always be prevalent in our in-game purchases. We make sure there’s no ambiguity, so you always know where your Avacoins are being spent!

Here’s what’s next

At Lockwood, we proudly place our community at the forefront of what we do. For too long, the gaming world has merely been reactive to the world around it. But what the metaverse is striving for now is to act as a leader in the conversation on important issues.

If we’re going to continue to champion the growing influence our world is having on the world around us, then we need to act as a vehicle for change. 2020 showed us that the metaverse never stops. 2021 needs to show us that the metaverse can start a real positive change.



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