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With the barrier between the real and digital world diminishing, digital alternatives are becoming increasingly attractive. Digital precious metal products combine the convenience and speed of the Internet with the safety and security of traditional silver and gold purchases. LODE has integrated this relationship with blockchain technology to create the “” powered by LODE, the world’s first collateralized NFT ecosystem. Explained offers a revolutionary way to buy and hold physical bullion digitally for less cost than traditional methods. is centered around LODE’s physical bullion supply of silver and gold and offers banks, institutional investors, investment funds, and other financial bodies an attractive digital alternative to traditional paper bullion markets.

As LODE’s vaults acquire and store investment-grade bullion, each asset stored within the vaults is documented by metadata (type, weight, purity, brands, etc.). LODE utilizes its bullion engine to tokenize and create Electronic Silver and Gold Certificate (ESC/EGC) NFTs representing each item within its vaults. All of these NFT’s will be accessible on LODE’s Web3 BullPen web app.

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Buying, Selling & Redeeming ESC/EGC NFTs

Buying and holding ESC/EGC NFTs is simple and can be done from any Web3 NFT wallet that supports Avalanche. When released, members will be able to easily visit the marketplace, connect directly with their wallet, select their desired product and buy.

Qualified wholesale ESC/EGC NFT purchasers can choose to maintain their NFTs, list them on a secondary exchange, or redeem them in the following ways:

  • Redeem the NFT on LODE’s BullPen for AGX or AUX Coins, which act as universal currencies and stablecoins for payments, digital asset trading, DeFi, and more.
  • Redeem the NFT for the specific bullion it represents and have it shipped to their location.
  • Redeem the NFT with participating regulated and licensed brokers for cash.

Features within Powered by LODE serves a unique purpose and is strategically designed to incorporate key aspects and hold specific precious metal products.

Key Features:

Peer-to-Peer Enabled

ESCs and EGCs can be sent to new holders in seconds and traded on the marketplace.


NFT transactions settle in six seconds or less.

100% Backed

NFTs can be redeemed with LODE for physical metal, AGX and AUX Coins.

Low Transaction Costs

0.0001 AVAX.

Impact on the Traditional Markets for Silver and Gold offers a solution to multiple inefficiencies in the traditional silver and gold markets. Precious metal-backed NFTs are attractive investment options and will allow institutional money to enter the NFT space and accelerate the sector’s growth.

Mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and exchange-traded products can use ESC/EGC NFTs as an alternative to buying and storing physical bullion or trading paper bullion options.

Transforming the Future of Finance

LODE has leveraged the best of NFTs to deliver the world’s first silver and gold bullion NFT to the marketplace. This program will transform how the industry buys, holds, and trades silver and gold, and it is anticipated to launch in the fall of 2022.

If you want to learn more about, the LODE Project, or discover how you can get involved, connect with Tom Halapatz, VP of Business Development today.

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