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The world is going through a global financial transition. Supplying physical silver and gold bullion that fuels the LODE Ecosystem is now more important than ever before. As such, LODE is excited to announce that it is exploring new supply lines in Latin America to meet growing demand for its products.

Let’s step back and take a quick look at how LODE has sourced silver and gold bullion up until now.

Sourcing Precious Metals

The LODE Ecosystem is based on physical investment-grade silver and gold. Historically, LODE has sourced these precious metals from bullion dealers and independent metal stackers. This methodology allowed the project to build its foundation. However, the project is experiencing demands for additional sources of silver and gold bullion for AGX and AUX Coins at or near spot.

New Resources in Northern Mexico

LODE recognizes that accessing silver and gold ore is a necessary next step for the project. In the spring, members of the LODE Team spent a significant amount of time in Latin America. The objective was to find reliable producers of these precious metals that can sustain the LODE Ecosystem long-term. Through invaluable connections and professional relationships, LODE is in the initial stages of exploring a direct source of silver and gold from Northern Mexico.

LODE is analyzing all the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and personnel required to ensure efficient extraction, processing, and transport of the precious metals. This crucial phase of LODE’s journey will support the project’s projected growth and ambitious liquidity initiatives.

Key Relationships

LODE values its working relationships above all else. David Morgan of The Morgan Report (TMR), and his precious metals network have been long standing supporters of LODE. Also, David Smith of TMR with his historical mining intelligence and mining operations and materials analysis capabilities have been key partners in spearheading LODE’s commitment to secure raw material supply lines in Latin America. LODE has partnered with numerous professional experts, including geologists and environmentalists. In addition, LODE is fortunate to be working with one of the top legal firms in the mining industry in Mexico.

These relationships and the incredible insight they have provided have expedited LODE’s efforts and made these new supply line opportunities possible. They will also help to ensure that LODE continues to operate in accordance with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) standards for silver and gold bars.

Key Benefits of Supply Chain Control

LODE will be streamlining its supply chain processes. This will decrease the cost, which translates to more competitive pricing for LODE investors. An efficient supply chain based on supplier relationships will also greatly benefit LODE’s liquidity by improving cash flow. By solidifying a close relationship right at the source, LODE is mitigating its risk and ensuring the highest level of quality control.

The project will establish and maintain complete control over its supply chain by acquiring the precious metals for the LODE Ecosystem directly from the source. This structure offers incredible benefits for LODE and allows the project to pass benefits on to its token holders, partners, and community members.

LODE Mining

LODE is in the process of incorporating a new entity within the umbrella of the LODE Project called LODE Mining. This entity will source physical silver and gold in Latin America and then supply it to LODE (Switzerland) AG for tokenization.

Looking Forward

The introduction of LODE Mining represents the next major step for the project. The establishment of relationships with new partners will play a pivotal role in the liquidity initiatives planned for September 7th, 2022, and improving the profit margins for the project. Stay tuned for upcoming updates on the LODE team and exciting project announcements.

Whether you are interested in learning more about what’s to come with LODE Mining, investing in the project, or just want to know details of LODE’s plans for liquidity, please book a call today with the project’s Vice President of Business Development, Tom Halapatz.

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