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1 min readJul 27, 2023


LODE is thrilled to share its 2023/2024 roadmap with the community!

This carefully crafted roadmap is key to enabling LODE and our community of sound money advocates in bringing our shared vision to life — a precious metals-backed monetary system that offers certainty in an increasingly uncertain world.

Together, we are determined to achieve these transformative milestones, creating a stronger financial future for all.

Q3 2023

  • LODE Wallet Feature Update: MOVE Beta✔️
  • BNB/PancakeSwap Integration✔️
  • Pangolin DEX Integration✔️
  • Virtual Debit Card — Soft Launch
  • Singularity Integration — Pay by Debit & Credit Card
  • AGX/AUX Trader Joe V2 Pools

Q4 2023

  • Proof of Reserve Dashboard — Beta
  • Circle Programmable Wallet Integration
  • LODE Token Vesting & Staking
  • Meta Gold Miners Integration / Uniswap Pool (PAXG/AUX)
  • LODE Physical Card Program — Soft Launch

Q1 2024

  • BullPen Pro — Beta
  • Additional CEX Integration
  • Singularity Integration — Pay by Crypto
  • Pegasys DEX Integration (SYS EVM)
  • LODE Wallet support for BNB assets (LODE/AGX/AUX)
  • LODE Wallet support for PancakeSwap

Q2 2024

  • Reduced KYC Requirements
  • Uniswap Pools (USDC/AGX, USDC/AUX, USDC/LODE)
  • LODE Wallet support for Uniswap

Thank you for your continued support and belief in LODE’s vision.

The LODE Team



LODE Project

The LODE Project is a collectively organized community of sound money advocates. The mandate of the community is to restore silver to the monetary system.