LODE Unleashes its New Web3 LODEapp Wallet, That Makes Silver and Gold Easier To Buy Than Ever Before

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LODE has reached several significant milestones in Q3 2022, taking definitive steps forward to shape the project’s future. As of September 7, 2022, LODE released the new Web3 LODEapp Wallet.

In this article, LODE will dive deeper into each of these milestones, providing insight into their developmental reasons, the benefits they deliver, and what they mean for the future of the LODE Community.

LODE’s New Web3 Wallet
The new LODEapp Wallet will maintain all the same benefits as the existing wallet, along with a host of new features, efficiencies, and the fastest speed yet! LODE elevated the user experience with an intuitive and modern design that suits newbies and crypto enthusiasts alike. Here is what members can expect as of the launch date.

Redesigned UI
Thanks to the tremendous effort of the team, LODE has taken the existing user experience within the app to a whole new level. The re-envisioned intuitive and modern LODEapp Wallet will simplify much of the user journey and give members more options and flexibility.

This new LODEapp Wallet will require downloading a new and separate app from the App Store upon release and the project highly encourages existing members to read our “step-by-step guide” for getting the getting set up in the new application.

Faster and More Efficient Operation

The “under-the-hood” infrastructure that acts as the engine for the entire ecosystem has been successfully rebuilt to create greater speed, efficiency, and better responsiveness.

Web3 Compatibility
Web3 compatibility was of the highest importance when designing the new LODEapp Wallet. LODE is pleased to deliver an application that allows members to enjoy the evolving world of decentralized apps and finance while remaining within the privacy of the LODEapp Wallet.

Avalanche Support

LODE’s reenvisioned token system is live on the Avalanche blockchain and it has been fully audited by Certik. Enjoy the power of improved efficiency and compatibility with the broader blockchain ecosystem!

Trading Within the LODEapp Wallet
It is with great pride that LODE releases its new trading feature inside the LODEapp Wallet. Thanks to the hard work of LODE’s technical team, the new LODEapp Wallet is connected to the TraderJoe decentralized exchange, which will allow you to trade and swap easily. This means that members will be able to sell and buy their LODE Tokens, AGX and AUX Coins using USDC and AVAX as outlined in the project’s Liquidity Article, published this summer.

Q4 and Beyond, the future is bright
With the core of the new LODE Ecosystem unveiled and ready to go, LODE is setting its sights on an aggressive roadmap to close out the year. Members can expect to see an increase in media presence, paid advertising, and more PR as we head into the final quarter of 2022. But this is just the start.

As promised in the July 4th article, the project will be bringing forward a wholly re-imagined loyalty and engagement program. Additionally, the LODEapp Wallet will have full NFT support on Avalanche, and new internationally supported card programs.

Make the switch to the monetary system of the future and download the new Web3 LODEapp Wallet today.

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If you haven’t yet made your first LODE Token purchase or are just learning about the project for the first time, now is your opportunity to LODE-Up.

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