LODE’s Zealy Quest Sprint Launches - 50 AGX in Rewards!

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2 min readJul 19, 2023


What Are Zealy Quests & Sprints?

Zealy is a vibrant community social engagement platform that invites users to embark on quests and special tasks, exploring various exciting blockchain projects and earning rewards.

As users dive into the platform, they follow the task timeline, completing quests to earn XP and climb the leaderboard. Top leaderboard finishers at the end of each sprint will win some fantastic prizes, like AGX Coins!

We are officially launching the LODE community on Zealy!

How It Works

To sign up for a Zealy account and complete quests in the LODE Zealy community, users need to connect with their Discord or Twitter, or alternatively register using an email address. When prompted please specify an Avalanche wallet address, as all rewards upon completion of the each sprint will be sent to the wallet address noted.

If not prompted to add your wallet address, find your Zealy account settings and manually add your Avalanche wallet address.

Start completing quests and earning XP! As you complete quests and earn XP you will climb the leaderboard on your way to winning a share of the 50 AGX prize pool.

How To Participate

Login to Zealy and start completing quests towards our month long sprint. At the end of the sprint we will reward a total of 50 grams of digital silver currency in AGX Coins!

The prize pool: 50 AGX Coins

Sprint Starts: July 19 at 4:00:00 PM UTC

Sprint Ends: August 15 at 4:00:00 PM UTC

Join LODE’s Zealy Community here.

Best of luck, now go forth and stake your claim!



LODE Project

The LODE Project is a collectively organized community of sound money advocates. The mandate of the community is to restore silver to the monetary system.