LODE Introduces AUX: Digital Gold for Everyone

LODE Project
May 1, 2020 · 2 min read

The LODE Community wants to thank you for your continued support in its mission to restore sound money into the economy, putting real money back into the hands of everyone.

So, it is with great pleasure to announce that thanks to LODE’s sophisticated technology, the project will be releasing a new product within weeks!

​Reserve your AUX today​

Each AUX is backed with 1mg of pure gold. Similar to LODE’s AGX digital-silver coin, AUX provides the community with a seamless, digital way to store and transact with gold.

Soft Launch. AUX will be minted on the Syscoin blockchain once the next Mobile Wallet update is live (in the coming weeks!). For its initial release, only 279,931 AUX will be minted. The exchange rate of each AUX Coin will be set at 18.25% over the spot price of 1mg of gold at the time of redemption.

How to Get AUX. Follow the link below to pre-purchase AUX today using the payment method or currency of your choice, and you will immediately receive a redeemable e-Pin. You will only be able to redeem this E-pin once the updated Mobile Wallet is released.

Reserve your AUX today

Be sure to store your e-Pin safely so that once the latest wallet update is live, you can immediately access your AUX. Be among the first to securely send, spend, and store digital gold globally!

AUX is certain to provide you with diversity in your sound money portfolio and unlock more ways for you to preserve wealth.

Stay tuned, more updates will be coming soon, so be sure to set up your mobile wallet (available on iOS or Android) to gain access to AUX!

Stay calm and LODE on!

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