Guilty Until Proven Otherwise

Drabble Drop : Implication

Colleen Millsteed
Lodestar Gazette
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2 min readJun 4, 2024


Woman in a jail cell.
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Angela sits staring at the blank grey cement cell wall, desperate for a resolution.

She cannot believe she’s been arrested for murder.

How did that happen?

The last thing she remembers is downing a number of tequila shots with the girls, celebrating her birthday.

Then she wakes beside a dead body. Not just any body either but her partner of five years.

She cannot explain how this happened. Her partner was working away for a week so how did he end up dead?

Angela’s implication in the crime is based on circumstantial evidence, but how does she prove she’s innocent?

Drabble Drop word of the day ‘implication’.

Wikipedia defines a drabble as follows :

A drabble is a short work of fiction of precisely one hundred words in length. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.

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