Also. This is a weird

damn. i dont even know what the fuck I’m typing. I’m on a computer that is missing a w and two key. whoop. Hey, I’m actually typing though! I really like this font. wHat the fuck is this font called? Chish, Ernest, Matthew? Anyone? Tell me what the fuck this font is called pls. Ahhh my mind wanders. Flung, into the deepest of space. Fuck that was poetic. Also. The hubble space telescope runs on whale oil. Interesante. Also. I have an 80’s disco song stuck in my head. Also. The world has gone to shit. Observations, vato. Select text to change formatting, add headers, or create links. Fuck I’m tired. FUCK I DIDNT DO MY HISTORY HOMEwORK. Fuck a duck. I’m tired. Joodnight all

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