[UPDATE: Pressure Stable]

Ok. I’m back. So, about Striker Squad. We were a group of the 100 soldiers aforementioned. But here’s the special thing. We were covert ops. We had missions all over the galaxy, mostly recon and espionage, but still no less important. Then came the last week I remember. Altia, our leader, told us during briefing that we had been assigned to a new unit: Strike Force 21. I had not reckoned on a promotion. All I had been taught to do my whole life was to spy. I was not strong or perseverant, and my stamina levels were rated at a 1% during training. Turns out SATIN, our parent company, couldn’t create more soldiers, so they decided to train their existing ones. Seeing that Striker Squad was the smartest of the bunch, we were “promoted” to a Strike force. We were the lowest ranked strike force.According to universal “laws” (nobody followed them), there were 5 people per strike force. Seeing that Striker Squad only had 4 people at the time, we were introduced to SN3.141592654, but seeing how unique his serial number was we called him PI3. Oh, and some background on striker squad. Altia was the leader. Some said she was a corporal. Others said that she was a Pilot-turned-spy. But the most common theory was that she was an Ecrossian. You could tell from her accent. Her s’s were silent, her t’s like r’s, and her a’s like e’s. Yep, the only way to tell her about her so called homeworld was to pronounce the e as an a. (Acrossia). Oh, by the way, my serial number is 8.438438431, so everyone called me 843. My friend, Ay Kay See (Serial 5.042938106), was the tactician. He plotted out our course of action based on the data we had. There was also CTRL-ALT-DELETE. He was always a mystery to me. Normally, after a successful mission, my crewmates would meet up at the mess hall on RaLousse Base, to party. CAD, on the other hand, decided to go missing for a few weeks, then reappear at the last moment, right before the mission. As a result, I never really trusted him with anything. Damn. He’s probably the only person on the team I never trusted. I wonder what the rest of the crew is thinking about me…obviously, in order to cover the whole “me randomly disappearing” thing, SATIN probably labeled me as KIA (Killed in Action, for you future professors)

Here on this moon, it gets boring…not much to do, and supplies are limited. Fortunately, I won’t die a horrible death by starvation or lack of oxygen. This is a permanent living space, meaning that there’s a big-ass hunk of metal inside the wall that makes food and oxygen (through my own exhalation). I still have to wear an aerosuit because whatever lived in here before me didn’t need as much oxygen as me. There’s also a water creator thingy. Everything’s written in a different language, but since everything does its job, I don’t have to touch anything. Oh, and my ship crashed about a kilometer away. I used the homing signal to reach this place. Normally places like this don’t have a giant piece of carbon fiber sitting on the borderline of what I like to call “2-face ridge”.

Here’s why I call it that.

View A. Picture a grey wasteland. Not a tree or rock in sight. Small hills loom in the distance. The sky is always purple or black, and a huge mass in space (probably a planet or distant star) is clearly visible. That’s the view I have to deal with every freaking day. At least, to the north side of things.

View B. Towards the south, it becomes interesting. There’s a huge forest with mountains in the back. I can even hear water flowing. By forest, I mean FOREST. It probably stretches for miles. That’s where my ship crashed. More info on that tomorrow.

Well…It’s getting late…I better get into my hibernation chamber. Good night.

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[Hibernation Chamber Status: Online]
[HibChamber UPDATE: Status: Active]