Dark Moon

The light shone from the dark abyss.

A man blindingly stumbled around, fearing the worst had occurred. It was too late. The void was sealed. All the dark matter was released. Slowly, small beings arose from the light source. Not human, not animal, not alien, or anything in between.

Suddenly, a bolt of lightning timed at exactly the correct second extinguished the light. The man turned. A trail of fire leading to a blue portal was the only object left in the abyss.

The beings were gone, and the moon turned a blood red. Dazed and confused, the man fell into the portal. He saw many things before him. Illusions, dances, dreams. He saw his dead wife reach out to him. He tried to reach out to her, but had no control. He lay motionless. He saw his relatives, dead and alive, crowding around him.

Suddenly, a blaring alarm. He woke up. The man was on a stretcher. Doctors were murmuring, quietly but quickly, as they rushed him down the hall. The public stared on in horror and shock.

The man closed his eye. Bright flashes, blue, green, red, then black.

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