into the unknown

Wake up. Open your eyes. Yawn, yawn, rub them clear of last night’s dreams. Oh man. It’s cold outside that bed. I think I’m just going to stay here warm for a little while. Nice and toasty warm. But the window’s open and the sun is out. Just slide out of bed, fix the sheets, fluff the pillows, make sure everything is picture perfect. But, there’s one problem. The terrible mess everywhere else. Oh well. Tomorrow. Drudge down the hall. Drudge. Boy, is it bright. Rub rub again, to the kitchen. I have got to get something done today. It’s that go, go, go attitude that keeps the world going. Crack the eggs into the pan, stir them about. Never did like raw y0lk. And… they’re done. Oh, look at the time. Go, go, go. If you don’t, who’ll for you? We’re all in the same business, the business of life. No one has a manager, but god himself. If he hasn’t shot you down yet, you might as well keep going, because you’ve done nothing wrong. So far. Go, go, go. Down the hall. Pull on some pants, button your shirt, pull on your jacket. Tie your tie, while brushing your teeth. There’s no time to stop now. You can’t stop in life, and life doesn’t stop for you. It might pick you up, but you gotta work for that. Go, go, go. Wait! You’ve gone and forgot your luggage. Down the stairs — careful now, you don’t want to break your bag. Out the front door, into the street. Your glasses! Right, put them on. Blow your best taxicab whistle, and one comes blazing down the street. I call shotgun! “The airport, if you’ll please. And quickly, too.” No use in fooling around in traffic — there’s no time to spare. Whoa, this driver knows how to drive! 10 minutes later, and you’re at the terminal. “Thank you very much.” You hand him a wad of money that’s probably more than enough, but he drove fast. Besides, it’s not all about the money; it’s about the experiences, and what you do, not what you have. Go, go, go. At the airport now, to the desk. “Yes, sir, I have my flight number. Thank you for my ticket.” Across the hall, through security. Stop to buy a sandwich for the flight. $15.99. Talk about not needing money. If I lived on those, I’d have no money to need, it’d all be gone! “Last calls for flight 1301, last calls.” That’s your flight! You’ve got a seat in economy. At least there’s movies on board. Just close your eyes. “… Y gracias por volar con Aerolineas Argentina. Thank you very much for flying with Aerolineas Argentina.” I guess you’ve slept the entire flight. Ten hours, then the final flight. Ten hours for a run, shower, and sleep. They have their own hotel here. But now, it’s time for a run. Go, go, go. And, asleep. Go, go, go. “Boarding flight 1637 for Bariloche.” A two hour flight. Two hours until paradise. Hey, you still have that sandwich! How about eating it for breakfast. Finally. Out of the plane, through the doors, and, ooh, smell the fresh air. Hike up to the mountain. At the peak. This is the end of the cycle — the seat of god himself. Just sitting here. Stop. Relax.

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