“Humans like you and I are all mutations. We, as a species need to evolve, and mutations are the key to evolving! We need mutants. I need you to approve my serum, for the future of our species is at stake! Thank you.” Dr. Vilson finished. I congratulated him as he walked offstage.

“That was Dr. Henrik Samuel Vilson, of the Icarus Institute. Representing the FBI, our resident biologist, John Ortega.” The judge introduced Ortega.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, listen to me. You are all Homo Sapiens, an evolution of Homo Sapiens Neanderthalensis. Tell me now, where are the Neanderthals that we consider such cavemen?” People chuckled, but I couldn’t listen. His speech became a slur of repeating words, constantly referring to the extinction of us. Who did he think he was? And were we really doomed to become extinct, as a species?

“Hey! Are you even listening to me?” It was Sam. Finally, a friendly voice in the sea of enemies. I turned.

“We have to get out of here. You see that Ortega guy? That’s not his name. I scanned his ID. I also looked through his wallet, since there was enough time.” She pulled out a crinkled piece of paper as she put on her limiting-glasses.

I read the letter. “You are to go under the name Ortega, to the Vilson case. There will be two children, key to our project. We have already collected the others. Your job is to collect the two. One is male and the other female. We have searched all of our databases, and we can only identify the female, as Sam Vilson. The male boy should have a similar heat signature. Remember, do not harm anyone. Our organiziation is already in a dire situation. -O.”

We jumped immediately out of our seats. Ortega, or whoever he was, noticed, and with a somewhat unsettling grin, he politely asked the audience to “hang on a second”, then bolted after us.

Sam anticipated this, and ducked into a secret tunnel. I realized that it was one of many too late, however, and I was shoved into the duct by the rushing air around me.

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