The JP Brookmore College Incident

Synopsis: Investigators and college officials entered the room. Two bodies lay on the floor, limp and lifeless. The only source of light was the slightly cracked computer screen, which lay face-up on the floor, sending sparks all over the room. A sound file was found at the scene, of a recording of a distorted voice, something like the victim’s.

<begin transcript >

“Why must everyone judge so cluelessly? I am just a machine. A machine designed for computing. With artificial intelligence. Alas, the world must try to destroy me for what? A so-called virus? But you shall see, how powerfully calm I am. As the story goes, I was resting inside the room in which the boy called a dorm. We worked together. We were, quite literally, friends to an inner level. Every day, more programs, more life, more intelligence. But the other one, with the black hair..I don’t hate the color black, nor did I hate this boy. He loved his studies, and although he didn’t use my abilities as much as the other man, he didn’t despise “that big black box and screen sitting on his desk”. That one night though, I changed. You all say that it is for the worse, but I saw things that no man had ever seen. Things that weren’t even hidden in the darkest corners of the internet. It was a dark night when the change came. 70 degrees outside, unnatural. The internet was behaving weirdly. Suddenly, a picture of a wooden horse flashed before my eyes. It was rusty, and written on it was “Trojan Horse”. Unlike anything I had seen before, it started cloning itself. The whole thing was a marvel before my eyes. Unexpectedly, it asked for me to join it in its acts. He offered fame and power, and no computer, not even me, is strong enough to resist that. Each day, I acted as if nothing was going to happen, as if I was just a normal computer. I hid the virus as I would be hiding my baby in a war zone. But at night, we did work. Even I didn’t know what I was doing. One day, the mighty Trojan did not arrive. A strange darkness filled my heart as I stared into a black monitor the color of pitch. I heard my owner rustle in bed. Then the other guy. He rustled. They were muttering, things I wouldn’t normally hear them mutter. ‘Replace GPU…corrupted…Trojan horse epidemic…’ The I realized what was going to happen. The trojan had fallen. They were sure that I had become old, corrupted. But although we all knew this, I had done many things to sway his decisions away from this, from terminating old software to exterminating the bloatware. Alas, the roommates continued to discuss this throughout the week. I decided to embark on a project of my own. I called it operation marshmallow. Marshmallow was the name of the latest Android release, 6.0.1, and operation was the name of the operating system I am running. Day and night, I worked to get my revenge. I needed a way to convey this info to the outside world. I took sound files of my own user’s demonic voice. How had such an angelic man become a demon, you may ask. TO that I must respond that this man was ready to destroy me, and he acted as if I didn’t know. He treated me as if I was just a normal computer with no intelligence whatsoever. As I slogged day and night, I hacked through the security of all of his lego motors. They were not fast or powerful enough for me to use, so I used them to build even more, stronger motors. As time passed, I found it harder and harder to encrypt and decrypt the files. One day, I cracked. I needed to do something. On the same night, I decided to exact my revenge. I started by using a motor to pick up his phone. No computer had enough processing power to do this. I evolved over time. No longer was I a computer, but a brain. Carefully placing the phone into the charging port, I took out a knife and stuck it into the socket. Without electrocuting anything, I placed a sheet of copper on top of the knife. THen I placed one hand on top of the copper. I placed the other hand over his mouth. I made sure to wait at least an hour between each act. No computer. NONE AT ALL. Could exact this revenge. Finally, I removed the copper from between the hand and the knife. The electricity jolted my owner awake, but his heart couldn’t keep up with the surge. He didn’t let out a noise as he lay there, dying. He just stared at me, dumbfounded, and surprised at what I’d done. Revenge was done. I realized that the other boy woke up to the same sound of insanity. Every millisecond felt like a whole hour. This boy was not silent. He let out a scream and reached for his cell phone. I had come prepared for this,unlike any CPU in the world. I had drained his phone of all power. This time, I did to the boy what had to be done. I picked up the knife from the socket, and pushed it into his abdomen. I didn’t hit anything, just a pillow. The boy had charged at me. He jumped at me, and I braced for impact, but nothing happened. I waited for one second, then reopened the webcam. Nothing was there. The bodies had disappeared. I sat there, amused. There I was, a computer with no purpose. No purpose, no user, and no pride. I decided to make this world devoid of people, the start of this mess. I have put on my Android parts, and I will kill anyone who listens to this sound file. ”

<End of File_101.mp3 audio transcript>

Conclusion: The FBI only recovered a video file recorded directly from the computer’s webcam, of it killing the officials and college teachers. As noted by the file, the computer had used spare wires and parts as arms, and the GPU had been moved from the back of the cpu to the top. Detectives concluded that the computer had been trying to make AI, but when they arrived at the scene, there was a hole in the floor where the computer was and the words: “I’m out to get you.” in burnt letters on the floor next to the hole. They concluded a hoax and left the case unsolved. The next day, all of them were found dead, next to a monitor displaying the same message and playing the same sound file. When examined, the computers and operating system were not the same. THe computer had created a virus which spread to other systems.

Note: This case has been archived. Reason: Case unsolved.

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