Universal Wars: Old Friends and New Enemies

“The file’s come in.”
“Great. Let’s get to work.”
“Transfer complete.”
“Arjun Rajkumar..Data processing…Complete..Printing”
Yes, they had done it. Kester and Arjun had managed, with a little help from Rory, to physically print a person out from a computer. Unfortunately, a copy of him always stayed in the computer.
They were ready to fight SATIN. But they still didn’t know who was the boss of SATIN. So they set off to the secret prison off of Un-terraria, SATIN’S HQ planet.
“Prepare to enter CyberCentral!” yelled Kester to Arjun and
They connected the cables and zipped through the electrical current. 1 second too late and they would have been caught by the gaze of the shadowy Cyber watcher who ravaged the computer files,searching endlessly and would have been shot by a twenty four millimeter spam gun. That would have caused their computers to crash and send them all flying.
The ship shot out of CyberSpace, near the Centauri Gandieu, near Un-Terraria.
The shadowy figure chuckled.
“Next time. Next time.”
If only they knew. He then proceeded to bash McAfee. (XD)
“Useless cyber protection..”
The cyber dust mounted in piles behind him.
As the heroes continued on, they soon arrived at the center of all villainy, Un-Terraria. They hid behind some pillars and proceeded inconspicuously.
“Do not cower in fear, heroes. For I am Moxif, the leader of SATIN.”
“What? You sound like my brother!”
“Uh..Uhmm..SHOW THEM OUT.”
Seconds later spam blasts shook and destroyed the pillars next to them.
“What?! We’re doomed! But what about Moxif?”
“GET BACK TO THE SHIP!” Yelled a voice from the control room. Arjun and Kester decided that wasn’t a bad idea for themselves.
As they ran, they saw a Delta Class Zeppelin Starfighter race across the sky.
They failed to notice their pilot quickly reduced to cyberdust by a spam blast.
Suddenly a figure with a black tattered cape landed in front of them.
“Going somewhere..?”
“Oh..Crud.” Said Arjun.
He pulled out his only weapon, an Electro-Wrench.
The rest of the villains gathered as the epic 1v1 match began.
“HIYA!” What the Cyber Watcher didn’t know, was that Arjun was really a trained Tae Kwon Do Master. As such Cyber watcher was unprepared for the left and center eight strikes which hit him.
But Arjun forgot.
Its the Cyber Watcher.
As he jumped once more the Cyber Watcher took his gun and fired a blast, scraping off his entire leg.
Arjun quickly used his bacta tank (A special stem cell machine that “reprints” a body part using healthy cells) on his injured left area, but quickly jumped over the watcher, motioning to Kester to start the ship during the distraction.
“Let me take a shot!” Kester shouted.
“Okay, but be careful!” Arjun yelled.
Kester pulled out his CyberShield and landed a critical hit on the Watcher’s arm. Then he threw his Axe at the CyberWatcher. It missed.
“Hahahaha! You missed me!” Said the watcher.
“Wait for it…3..2…1..”
BOOM! It hit the watcher and he was knocked unconscious.
“Great one Kester! I will get a pair of cyber cuffs.”
They booted up the ship as the watcher woke up. However, the heroes didn’t notice. The Cyber Watcher clicked a button on his spam gun and it transformed into.. a CyberSword? and prepared to plunge it into the ship’s motor.
Kester quickly dodged and turned the ship around. Arjun planned a good strategy, turning the turret around and firing a shot at the hangar. But the Cyber watcher clung on, following them for many miles of electrical wiring. Then, he planted a tracking device on the ship, and let go.
“Yeah?” replied Kester
“Thanks for that back there. I owe you one.” Arjun attempted to say calmly.
“When did we start counting?” Kester fired back.
“Kester!” Arjun said, cracking up.
“Whaaaaat?” replied a mocking Kester.
“Arjun.. I noticed something weird. That Cyber Watcher.. he had a Universe Army sword.. not even a mercenary on the Black Data market could acquire one of those…”
“Wait. Arjun?”
“Yes, Kester?”
“Did he have a shimmer in his eye?”
“Contacts… eight point six millimeter EnForce glass.. I’ve seen those many times.. but only in the Universal Special Corps…”
“Wait! I know! He must have been part of the Old Army!” Said Arjun.
“What? That was split up and destroyed years ago.. wait.. in fact.. the surviving members were.. bounty hunted.. The weapons were all confisticated… ”
“Wait. Did you say Bounty Hunted? The Army would.. eliminate its own corps?”
“Perhaps they knew too much. We can research when we get back.”
“This is all very intriguing..I’ll send a message to Airrick and find out more about this..After all, he is a History Genius.”
They returned to home base only to find Airrick standing outside.
“Hello Guys! I just came across a weird energy reading of some sort of bounty hunter out there. By examining him closely, I could tell a lot from what the readings gave. I have a picture.” Airrick Kept on…
“WOW! That looks like the Cyber Watcher Kester just Battled!” said Arjun
“I tracked his marks too.. you guys probably reached the same conclusion I did, the old UA and everything?”
“Yep. We decided that we are going to wait to strike next, and prepare for a full on strike. Not a recon mission.”
“Wait. What’s that?” inquired the professor.
“Oh Stratos..It looks like some sort of a tracking device.”
“It’s active, so whoever put it there has probably tracked you. I’ll coordinate his IP address later. But he isn’t our concern right now. Follow me..”
Airrick wheeled past in his mechanical wheelchair.
“I recovered these old files and photos from the older UA files..”He said.
He showed a photo of five smiling team members next to a sleek silver spacecraft. At the top in scrawled handwriting read “SF 21” There were four boys, one with double electricity cables,another with a modified CyberSword, one with an adaptive harness and the last with a spam machine of some sort. There was one girl, too, and she held a special kind of clock, which seemed to be able to freeze enemies. She looked as if she had no idea of what she was doing, as if she had been brainwashed.The others had determined smiles.
They examined the pages afterwards.
“Eight four three- cannon specialist, Strike Force 21, the guy in the center. Fate, Missing in action. Operation Overlord?”
“CTRL_ALT_DELETE- CyberSword,spam gun, Strike Force 21, leader and Reconnaissance- fate unknown-Probably alive.”
“Wait. That looks like the guy I sparred with!”
”Let’s see the rest of the files too..”
“3.141592654-or simply PI3, adaptive electric harness, Strike Force 21, technician and communications, Fate: Missing in Action..? Operation Overlord..? Again..?”
“Name: Alt Key Symbols, or just Ay Kay See, historic professor and analysis.
Fate: Missing In Action.. Operation Overlord. Something’s up here..”

“Name: Altia- Time freeze. Fate: Brainwashed leader of the strike Force 20. Reassigned to 21. Missing in Action, in Operation Overlord. ”
“Wait. Are you sure? That person who can freeze people using quantum physics…That’s an Ecrossian clock. She could have been abducted, then brainwashed to fight for the army.”

“What is Operation Overlord..?”

“I think it was the D-Day for the opposing side.”
“Wait. If their fates are unknown, they might be alive. Also, the years noted here are just around the time Ritvik joined the company Apper. I think that the tech was from his design…”
“Let me search up Operation Overlord…”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“A file code? Oh no.” said Kester
“Enter in this..” said Arjun. He stated a code Ritvik once said in his sleep.
S T R I K E F O R C E 3124
“Holy Carp.”

“What? They used word? That is very outdated tech from 900 years ago!” Said Arjun, a tech know-it-all.


“There’s a planet name here…RaLousse…” Said the professor.
“RaLousse? Sounds like a nice place! Let’s go.” said Arjun.
They booted up the ship systems.
In an unknown place, many miles away…
“Ah yes Arjun. I knew you would find it all out..Perfect! My plan is ready. The prison will be secure and these so called ‘heroes’ will be eliminated.” conferred an unknown voice.
“WHAT?! My Plans will be ruined! Go help them! Send a squadron to Ralousse immediately!”
Back in the ship, the heroes were frantically fiddling with the controls.
“ACK! THE SHIP’S ON FIRE!” Screamed the pilot, cowering at the back of the ship.
Yes, their Omega class starfighter was glowing a bright ruby flying towards Larousse.
Inside, everyone was knocked unconscious.
The ship hit the planet-hard.
Many hours later,
“Ughhh…Where are we..?” inquired Kester.
“Yeah, I’m here…but what about the CyberTracker?” replied Arjun.
“Remember? Airrick destroyed it.”
“Oh yeah. I feel…something different…I want..To..I…I….To…To…To-ELIMINATE YOU!!!”
“Arjun? Are you feeling alright?”
“HAAAAII!!” hollered Arjun as he threw a chop.
And so, an epic battle between the dark Arjun and Kester. Dark Arjun threw a triple spin and landed a roundhouse kick on Kester’s left torso. Kester countered with a hit from the axe onto his leg.
“Arjun! Don’t do this to me!”
“If you do not support SATIN, then you are my ENEMY!”
“NOOOOOOOOOO!” screamed Kester.
Kester lept onto a log floating in the poison river. Dark Arjun followed onto another log. Then, Kester threw a direct hit with a cybersword into Dark Arjun’s chest, electrocuting him.
Dark Arjun staggered..Then he tripped off the log into the poisonous river. Dark Arjun’s body was engulfed by the poison.
“when I have to, I hit my mark.” said a sorrowed Kester.
“Kzzt. This is Airrick. I saw everything. Arjun was turned by that tracking device. we have to reprint him. Airrick out. Kzzt.”
“This doesn’t make any sense! The tracking device..It was standard tech. This means that either the person poisoning him knew him well enough to hack the tracking system to only turn Arjun around… wait… no… NO! Get back to base immediately, pilot! ” Cried Kester.
Many hours later…
“Airrick! Boot up the Printer!” said Kester as he jumped off the ship.
“Right! Also, while I was researching possible file printers, I noticed that our printer had a glitch. Any file printed from it would behave weird to googol energy. After examining the tracker, it seemed to emanate a prominent amount of googol energy. I 3d printed a new 3d printer to print Arjun again.”
“Okay! I’m Confused! But let’s get started on the printing.”
Mainscreen Display:
Printer>>Print Jobs>>Arjun.vrs
“Aww. Great! Now we can’t print Arjun’s weapons!” Said Kester Sarcastically.
“But I learned Karate! I don’t need some heavy Cyber Axe weighing me down!” Uttered The Arjun File on the computer.
Printer>>Print Jobs>>Arjun.vrsm
As 15 minutes passed, Kester and Airrick talked about a battle strategy.
“I think we should send you out at first, then I will go in and try to rescue the prisoners. Arjun should come out and attempt to take out Moxif.” concurred an energetic Airrick.
“I agree, but what if there is someone guarding the prisoners?”
“I have a plan,”Airrick held up 3 glittering Keystones. “This first one is the keystone of the skies, which helps me fly, and control air. The second one is the Keystone of the Seas, which is for Arjun to control the vast seas of code in a computer. He can actually create a sword completely out of code. Finally, this is yours, the keystone of the ground, which is purely for power. It has a power, making all attacks doubled.”
“Hey all! I missed what happened. Can you tell me how I got from the crashed ship to here? Also, what are those Stones in your hand, Airrick?” It was Arjun. He was back!
“Hey Arjun! Great to see you! I’ll explain everything. Kester! Get the ship ready! I’m coming along, too!” said Airrick eagerly.
And, so, our heroes left for the planet Un-Terraria, the home of Moxif, for an awesome showdown.
After breaking out of CyberSpace, (and not seeing the Cyber Watcher, much to their surprise), they arrived over Un-Terraria to find a huge blockade over the innocent parts of it.
“Hey Kester, you try to break through the block with gun power from the main deck. Airrick and I will fly our starships to try and destroy their ships from the inside.” conversed Arjun.
“Alright Arjun!” replied Kester.
They boarded their ships and set off,communicating by radio.
-KZZT- Airrick! Fly around the shields and try to destroy the gate. Arjun out. -KZZT-
-KZZT-Got it. Airrick out!-KZZt-
Arjun attempted a triple spin, and without touching the guns on his ship, used code to take out the droid powered starships.
What they didn’t notice, was a dark, invisible to the eye, Tat-Class Bounty 1400, with the modified motors.
The dark ship penetrated the shields and tractor beams of Kester’s ship. A dark figure, which you know as the Cyber Watcher, snuck up on Kester.
Meanwhile, back in space, the duo had managed to do the exact thing the black ship had done. They broke through the shields, and jumped out of their now unusable ships. They had taken their Keystones, but left behind their weapons.
Suddenly, Arjun felt a huge headache. He staggered.
“AUGGH! My head!”
“What’s wrong?!” Asked a worried Airrick.
“I sense..a presence…that I have..not…felt in a long…time..”
“Here! Have an Advil, bro!” said Airrick.
“Thanks..I feel better now. Thanks.” Said a still woozy Arjun.
They continued on, only to see a door blocked by guards.
“Great. A way to try out our new Keystones!” said Arjun.
Arjun first threw a fake-front kick then a roundhouse. Airrick doubled it with his flying sword. Immediately, the guards surrendered.
They entered a dark room. Airrick rushed off to the huge door labelled “PRISONERS”. Suddenly, a light dramatically turned on. A man walked down the steps. It was Moxif. Arjun knew it was time to fight. But first, he had to ask a question.
“Since this will be a battle to the death, can you tell me what your real name is?”
“What?! That has to come later on you fool! Don’t you know how stories even go?” replied a slightly miffed Moxif.
“Seriously!” said Arjun.
“Fine. I…am your father!”
“Wait, what? This ain’t STAR WARS you dolt!”
“Whoops! Wrong line! Must’ve studied my Star Wars trivia cards instead of my lines! Okay. Let’s Take it from the top..” replied a now embarrassed Moxif.
“I…Am your brother! Yes. It is I, Ritvik Raj Kumar, coding genius, “crazy” person who has an internship at Apper. Yes, it is I.”
Meanwhile, back on the Main ship…
“Ah yes, Kester, watch as your friends are destroyed by Moxif. But wait till you know the real truth.” said the Cyber Watcher, as he walked up behind Kester.
“What did you say?” said Kester, whipping around and putting his CyberAxe the the Cyber Watcher’s neck.
“Oh sure, strike me down. But then, Arjun may never come back. If you kill me, a warning alert will be sent to Moxif. He will then detonate the ship.” said a confident Watcher.
“Eliminating himself? I find that hard to believe.”
“Believe it or not, that’s more or less what’s gonna happen, like it or not.”
“Well then, let’s fight.”
The cYber Watcher Sent a spam shot at Kester, who deflected it to the ship’s wall. Kester had a plan. But he had to be careful. He had to angle the ship to directly pierce the hull of Moxif’s ship.
Meanwhile, in Moxif’s ship, enough time had passed for Arjun to realize that Airrick was missing.
Airrick had gone off to rescue the prisoners. But he couldn’t get through the door. He was surrounded. He quickly leaped up and flew out into Kester’s ship.
“Kester! Moxif is Ritvik!”
“Arjun’s Brother!”
“Ok, but hang on, I have to take this guy.”
“Boom-Crash! ” Kester threw a sparking plug into the watcher. The watcher flew into a window and was knocked unconscious. Kester took his cybersword and stabbed him in the chest. He flew out a broken window and into space, never to be seen again.

TO BE CONTINUED…No…I am just kidding. This is not some version of Star Wars.
So anyway, our heroes had just found out a ton of stuff about Ritvik, and now Arjun was stuck inside Ritvik lair. What to do…What to do….
But wait! The Keystones! Arjun could use one to take Ritvik and his power.
“Alright, Ritvik, I know it’s you, so come out!”
And the epic battle began…
But then, a leak in the ship opened and Ritvik flew into space.
“That was too easy.” said Arjun.
“OH. THAT’S WHAT YOU THINK.” said an unknown voice.
Ritvik wasn’t gone just like that, it was his security. They had to follow orders. They locked the rooms and jettisoned all the escape pods. Then, the ship began to blow up. Arjun threw himself onto the door trying to unlock it. It didn’t budge. Arjun had no choice but to try and use the hole.
“Oh well… I guess it’s time to try out this weird keystone thingy… ”
He threw the keystone in the air. He realized that he was about to be teleported.
“Wait! I don’t have a space suit!”
WHOOSH! He flew out through the hole and was knocked senseless.
When he woke up, he was on the surface of the planet. He saw a refuge post and realized that he was stuck in a desert. But what about the others..and the prisoners!
He staggered on and came across a windstorm. He saw an escape pod, and it seemed like it had working engines. He broke the lock and made his way in. Inside, he saw a ton of people, and they were ragged and dirty. The prisoners!
“The…The Cyber..Watch-”
“Kester took care of him.”
“We…we are…stranded..”
But Arjun wouldn’t hear of it. He fixed the engines quickly and took the prisoners to Kester’s ship.
After docking, Kester took everyone to a sick bay. Then, he noticed someone.
They hugged and embraced.

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