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Stories of Bright Dark Humor, Realism and Sarcasm, to read with a Lo-fi beat

Lofi Vibe is your friend, it’s the only place on Medium where you can write with humor about your problems without providing a solution. Because while some problems are outside of your control, you can always choose how you respond to them.

Why Lofi Vibe

This publication exists because I’m tired of reading articles about “The 5 things to do in the morning to be happy in life”, I’ve tried and guess what? Doesn’t work. There are things in life that maybe don’t have any solutions, so the only thing we can do is laugh about them.

Had a shitty day? Feel like a loser? Problems won’t let you sleep at night? Welcome to Lofi Vibe.

How to submit

You can send me a link to your draft article on Twitter.

Submission rules

Talk about your life, personal experience and feelings. Mix realism with sarcasm. The article must be clever and funny.

Long, short, images, gifs, comics … don't care. If your draft makes me laugh and/or think, it’ll be published.

You can use other people's contents, just remember to give credits.





Rain and thoughts won’t let you sleep? Make yourself a cup of coffee, put some lofi beats on, come here to read, laugh and write about your problems

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