Virtual Reality Arcades powered by Ethereum

Virtual Reality Arcades are opening to showcase VR experiences using new consumer devices like the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Sony PSVR. Kevin Williams, co-author of “The Out-of-Home Interactive Entertainment Frontier”, has covered the development of new entertainment markets for decades and has recently written about the reemergence of Virtual Reality Arcades in comparison to other types of VR Attractions.

“Some observers have seen interest in revising the concept as ‘Arcade 2.0.’, but it is much more than this.”

Successful VR Arcades include Ctrl V Canada and VR Junkies, both focusing on room-scale experiences using the HTC Vive. They have worked with VR content developers to acquire commercial licenses and are operating profitable VR facilities that are enjoyed by their guests.

Ctrl V Canada

On a strategic level we have MK2, a french cinema director partnering with BNP PARIBAS, to create MK2 VR, a permanent, premium space dedicated to experiencing the best of Virtual Reality. BNP PARIBAS is also applying blockchain technology to corporate payments.

I believe the Ethereum ecosystem would benefit from investing in Virtual Reality as an entryway to get people interested in Dapps and using Ethereum as a personal finance platform. Virtual currency pairs neatly with Virtual Reality, and combining them in the guests mind will surely be a benefit for the community in the years to come.

The Virtual Immersion and Unified Reality Ecosystem (VIURΞ), powered by Ethereum, will be made up of token holders and smart contracts that help bootstrap Virtual Reality Arcades. This will allow enthusiasts to support entrepreneurs that are dedicating their time to bringing Virtual Reality to the massive amounts of people who haven’t experienced true VR and those who cannot afford buying their own high end VR playspace. The goal is to democratize access to the state of the art in immersive Virtual Reality.

The VIURE plans on creating a VR Token that guests can buy on affiliated VR Arcade Dapps. This gives the VIURE an opportunity to experiment with different business models, give customers discounts for using crypto-currencies, track customer loyality, create token based achievements for games, etc. and also teach guests how to purchase Ethereum to be able to buy these VR Tokens.

Its first endeavor will be a Token Sale for loftVR, a showcase Virtual Reality Arcade in Miami, FL. loftVR will feature the HTC Vive for state of the art, virtually immersive, room-scale experiences and would be the first Virtual Reality Arcade in South Florida. For guests wishing for a social experience, we will have the top social VR games available for online multiplayer, and we will be coordinating with other VR Arcades for online tournaments. This will give us a chance to understand firsthand what customers are interested in when it comes to VR and communicate that to the Ethereum community and VIURE members to be able to come up with future projects and products.

loftVR | Miami’s Premier Virtual Reality Arcade

The Virtual Reality Standards Board recommends 1 staff member for every 4 VR playspaces so myself and another Immersion Specialist will be working at loftVR to perfect and document the processes needed for guests to have smooth experiences. We plan to follow all the standards provided by the VRSB and have researched all the issues associated with public VR (hygiene, content licensing, cable management, etc.) to make sure we become verified by the VRSB as a high quality VR Arcade.

The Virtual Reality Standards Board (VRSB) is a non-profit organization created for the purpose of regulating and advising commercial VR and AR facilities on best practices. The VRSB also strives to enforce that commercial VR and AR venues are only offering content for which they have acquired licenses, and provide resources for developers to help prevent unauthorized use of their content.

VIURE Founder’s Token Sale

We will create an ERC-20 Token called the “VIURE Founder’s Token” to send to participants of the crowdsale. Participants will be able to trade their VIURE Token for a VR session at loftVR or any other VIURE powered VR Arcades. Token holders will also receive exclusive access to content detailing the build out process of loftVR to learn how to open one in their own cities. Any funds raised over what is needed to open loftVR will be kept in ETH and used to support other VR Arcades the VIURE decides to bootstrap.

The ultimate goal for the VIURE is to use the Ethereum token protocol to easily franchise its version of the ideal VR Arcade. If you’ve read “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline, the most popular VR science fiction book, you’d find inspiration for the VIURE:

I walked to an OASIS parlor located a few blocks away, a franchise outlet called the Plug. The dingy, backlit sign, which featured a smiling anthropomorphic fiber-optic cable, promised Lightning-Fast OASIS Access! Cheap Gear Rental! and Private Immersion Bays! Open 24–7–365! I’d seen a lot of banner ads for the Plug online. They had a reputation for high prices and outdated hardware, but their connections were supposed to be fast, reliable, and lag-free. For me, their major selling point was that they were one of the few OASIS parlor chains not owned by IOI or one of its subsidiaries.
Hoping we get this and not vertical trailer parks..

There might be a time where we would need to pivot as VR advances to the level that guests would prefer to just have one at home, but we believe that for at least the next 5 years there will be demand for state of the art VR, and in the case of a pivot, we would be in position as experts to service customers wishing to bring state of the art VR to their homes. Right now the state of the art in consumer VR is the HTC Vive paired with an Nvidia GTX 1080 and an Intel i7 CPU, which is what we will have in our machines for now. 4K and then 8K VR headsets will become a reality and they will need to be powered by the best of what computing will have to offer at that time, and the VIURE will position itself to always have the state of the art in the industry.

We are excited to collaborate with the Ethereum community to showcase Virtual Reality to as many people as possible and test the possibility of teaching guests about Ethereum by buying Ethereum based VR Tokens to get lower pricing on VR sessions.

Let’s get more people into VR!

Still the early days!

Have you also been working on opening a VR Arcade? A VR or Ethereum enthusiast who wants to help? We’d like to get some feedback from the community before finalizing the crowdsale details so please contact us to join our Slack channel at

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2017: Year of Ethereum and VR

Here are official links to my version of the ideal VR Arcade, loftVR.

Official Website: