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Logan Cameron
Mar 5 · 3 min read

Twitter is how I get most of my news. I usually check the “Moments” page of my Twitter account once or twice a day. This is one of my favorite parts of having a Twitter account. I think it is such a powerful feature. I can get a lot of different opinions and views on a Moment from a thousand different sources. Hosting this variety of stories makes Twitter a unique curator of voices. Although, I think it can be even better.

There are five Moment categories along the top of Twitter’s desktop version. Today, News, Sports, Entertainment, and Fun. No more, no less. I don’t think I am alone in saying that there are some categories I never check, and there are some that do not exist that I would check every day. I propose that Twitter allows it’s users to create new Moment categories. The following pages are how I designed the experience.

First a menu.

This is an example of the first thing a user sees in the Moments page. Notice that to the right of the Fun category there are three dots indicating a menu. This menu opens the category manager.

Category Manager

In the category manager, a user can select whether they want to disable any of the default categories or create custom categories. Notice that the default categories can only be turned off and on. Since custom categories can be edited, the category must be selected to view all the options (see manager post category creation).

Create New Category

When the user selects the “create a new category” button they are prompted to give the category a name.

Category Creation

In this example, the user (me) is a fan of the Utah Jazz. The next task is to tell Twitter what kinds of moments this category should display. Initially, I thought that the user would have to enter all the hashtags that relate to the category. After some additional thought, it made more sense to prompt the user to add keywords as well as adding hashtags. There may be Moments without any hashtags that the user would still want to see.

Moment Category Manager (post moment creation)

After the category is created and saved, the user will be returned to the category manager. The new category will be viewable under “My Categories” Notice that in this example, the user created three categories, and has disabled the Entertainment category and the Fun category.

The user can now return to Moments and see their new category. Once selected, the main canvas is populated with appropriate moments.

Letting Twitter users create their own Moment categories will create a better experience for consuming content that they want to see. It saves them time from having to search for specific terms over and over again and gives the users a more diverse set of moments. It is a simple iteration that helps improve the experience of using Twitter on a day to day basis.

Logan Cameron

A renaissance man at heart. Designer, photographer, musician, and aspiring world-record breaker

Logan Cameron

Written by

I am just trying to figure stuff out

Logan Cameron

A renaissance man at heart. Designer, photographer, musician, and aspiring world-record breaker

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