Creating a Mobile App To Share Refugee’s Stories

Logan Cameron
May 24, 2018 · 3 min read

Their Stories is a social media platform to help communities share stories and service opportunities to help refugees. My role in this project is to design a space for users to easily share stories and events with others.

The basic outline for the application is a simple social media platform. I wanted to make it consistent with a lot of the other social media apps that most people used to. That way those who want to use the service can get their content up as quickly as they can.

The purpose of this app is to show others that they can help the refugee crisis in their own neighborhoods. I find that when the purpose of a particular project is clear and stated multiple times in the planning process, decision making later on is much easier.


news feed page and menu

I wanted to create a simple layout. There are really only a few things on each screen. Every screen is dedicated to one or two actions. The menu at the bottom of every screen has all the options that the user will need.

The individual stories will be a card that, once tapped on, will open a screen dedicated to that story. The user will be able to upload a series of photos and text to tell a story or to give information about the local service opportunities.


This screen shows the basic layout of what the stories page will look like. As sketched out before, the card that holds one story has all the interactions needed to benefit from using the application.

These are the other pages that the user will encounter. Each one has very simple interactions and there is nothing new that the user has not already seen before.

Style guide

The first thing I focused on was color. I wanted to stick with blues. I like the the calm cool effect that those colors have on the eyes.


I wanted the logo to be very simple. It shouldn’t distract away from the purpose of the app. The goal is to share stories, to inspire, and to help out. I also did not capitalize their stories. I thought that this was another way of drawing the user’s attention to the purpose of the app. They are not just sharing stories to share stories. It is not a news outlet. It is to inspire. In sharing these different experiences, the most important message will become clear through their text.

Surface Comp

This screen shows what the app will look like after registration. Stories will surface as the feed is refreshed. Again, the over all feel of this app is clean and directed to a specific purpose on each page.


“their stories” was designed specifically to help refugees. With that central focus planned out from the beginning, every decision was made to highlight how one could serve. From the sketches to the final look of the app, it was designed for that purpose.

Logan Cameron

A renaissance man at heart. Designer, photographer, musician, and aspiring world-record breaker

Logan Cameron

Written by

Logan Cameron

A renaissance man at heart. Designer, photographer, musician, and aspiring world-record breaker

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