Screw Cutter Project at the Clinton Global Initiative

Clinton Commitment Makers trying their hand at cutting surgical screws

The Screw Cutter Project travelled down to Miami, Florida this weekend to share their commitment to provide devices in Uganda with the Clinton Global Initiative. We had a fantastic time and met many like-minded social-entrepreneurs tackling problems across the globe. We had the pleasure of being assigned an exhibition booth to showcase our new prototype and letting conference attendees try their hand at cutting (seen above). Demoing the device allowed people to actually understand the screw inventory issues in low-resource environments, making it fun and educational. But of course, the trip wouldn’t have been complete without seeing the Clinton family! We attended a few of their talks on the national debt, big data in health care and how to inspire change. What a great conference backing such a great cause. We hope to go back next year and showcase our progress to inspire other startups!

Shalaleh, Gregory and Vivian on the main stage.

Originally published at on May 4, 2015.

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