Version One Prototype Shipped to Uganda

Pictured: Dr. Blachut and Dr. O’Brien introduce the V1 Screw Cutter to hopeful Ugandan surgeons.

The Engineers in Scrubs screw cutter team sent their first prototype to Mulago Hospital, Uganda last May with the Uganda Sustainable Trauma Orthopaedic(USTOP) trip. The device was sent for a preliminary assessment with our preliminary stakeholders. Many of the staff deemed it to be a “good piece of engineering” and immediately understood its tremendous value. However, they requested that it be:

  1. Smaller to allow easier portability
  2. Lighter so it could be carried over a large distance
  3. Ability to cut more screws of different diameters

The feedback received has been incorporated into the next version of the screw cutter. We hope to share it with you soon!