In search of a productivity tool

It all starts with a personal need. At least that is what you read in books! I’ve been trying different productivity tools to manage my time and remember my tasks better. Some are very useful. Here is a short list of what I’m using these days and how I use them:

Pocket: I save things here for two reasons. Blog automation and reading later.

IFTTT and Zapier: I use it for automating tasks

Forest: I use it to focus on the task at hand

Slack and Trello: for communication, notification and task management — I rarely use the term Project Management anymore since it’s feels like a productivity trap! I neither use the term Product Management since I believe it’s over hyped. Side note: Slack is the only tool in which I have left the notifications on and I recommend you do the same. I hate notifications.

Roboform or Lastpass: for password management. I use Roboform but I think Lastpass is a better tool as it gives you the option to share passwords.

Sleep Cycle, Move and Life Cycle: to track my activities.

Streaks or Productive: for habit tracking. Both have cool features and UX but I like Streak better.

and then there was Numerous which was shut down a while back (a shame — I really liked this one)

I know I come off as a control freak and with all these apps one might think I’m actually distracting myself however, data suggests otherwise.

In 2015, US smartphone and tablet users will spend an average of 3 hours and 5 minutes a day using mobile apps, up from 2 hours 51 minutes in 2014. By 2016,mobile device users will spend 3 hours 15 minutes per day using apps. Time spent on mobile browser activities will hold steady at 51 minutes this year and next.


With all the time we spend on cell phones, not investing on productivity apps sounds like a bad idea. So where do you stand in this data? Not sure?

You know why you didn’t know that about yourself? Because you are not tracking it.

I want to come clean here. I forget small things. Specially when I’m focusing on a product — and I hope I’m not the only one:

I need to remember to call my family members, I need to remember to take out the trash. I need to remember to take the car to car wash or service. I need to remember to take a break. I need to track the last time I had a good vacation, a good laugh, a good night sleep to repeat them. I need to track the last time I shaved or got a haircut to maintain human appearance! I need to remember the last time I spent time with my friends. The last time I planned. The last time I reflected on those plans… What is the interval for my scattered yoga exercises and is there a correlation between it and my general mood or back pain? What is the interval between the books I read? Did I submit my last invoice on time? How about the credit card bills? When was the last time I cleaned up my inbox(es)? Did I follow up on the sales hiring last week? When was the last time I had supplements? Did I take Vitamin C this morning? If I take it everyday, does it affect my productivity? Oh, I remembered. I’m still postponing paying the parking ticket I got last month. I hope it’s not doubled. I’m such a procrastinator!

Honestly, my quest for finding the right match for my productivity tool that covers all that hasn’t been very fruitful and that is why I decided to create Loggir. I’m creating this tool primarily for myself and just started working on it. I plan to create it on the Web, iOS and Android. If it goes well, I’ll create a Chrome extension and integration with Zapier too. To give you an initial idea, It is going to be a combination of ideas in Forest, Streaks and Numerous. I know, I know it a very bad pitch but I’m going to say it anyways. Technology-wise, I’m using Ionics, Node, Angular and Firebase for the MVP. Stay tuned!

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