Remember the Nokia 3310? It’s Back!

The Nokia 3310: notorious for its long battery life, indestructibility, and ugly black and white display. Bring back memories? It sure does for me. Not only was this the first cellphone I had ever seen, but it also signified a time where Nokia had complete dominance over the mobile phone industry. With Apple’s iPhone currently sitting on this throne, it brings back nostalgia of a much simpler time in mobile hardware. Selling just over 126 million units starting in 2000, it is no wonder that the phone has become somewhat of an icon in telecomm history. Released at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, Nokia’s throwback device instantly gained loads of attention.

The phone is truly a blast from the past: sporting vibrant colors, a 2.4 inch color display, evocative games like Snake, and even a 2 megapixel camera. Also, Nokia decided to add a web browser for good measure. This is all on top of Nokia’s updated user interface, a headphone jack, and 31 days of battery life. No, that is not a typo, it truly does have 31 days of battery life with normal usage. Although the phone is not currently up for sale, Nokia said it would be in stores starting in the 2nd quarter for a mere 52 dollars.

“The 3310 capitalizes on the ‘dumb-phone’ nostalgia.” — CNN Tech

Things such as the camera, display quality, and limited functionality is what makes this phone a work of art. The pure simplicity of the 3310 in comparison to something like the iPhone makes it a clear standout. In the case of many Americans, some only want the ability to call and send text messages while also paying a minimal price tag. If this sounds appealing, then the new Nokia 3310 is for you!

If you are thinking about purchasing this phone, here are some cons that definitely need to be considered:

1.) No social media access.

2.) No GPS.

3.) Typing SMS messages takes FOREVER.

With that said, the Nokia 3310 is still a great phone for those seeking the simplest of simple. BTW: it also has an SD Card slot so you can listen to all your favorite NSYNC and Backstreet Boys tracks 😉.

SOURCE: Nokia, Mobile World Congress, HMD