Review: Snapchat Spectacles

For the first time in company history, Snap Inc. has released a piece of hardware: Snapchat Spectacles. Although other tech giants such as Google have created glasses of their own, they never seemed to catch on with consumers and instead ended up failing with a very small user base. On the other hand, Spectacles have garnered an immense amount of popularity due to both their limited availability and fascinating technology. As of now, Snapchat is truly the only company that can manage to make wearable tech “cool” with the majority of their users in the 18 to 24 age range.

The glasses themselves are very good looking while remaining functional for everyday use. Spectacles can take pictures at a fairly high quality in addition to videos up to 10 seconds long. The circular videos produced by the Spectacles are not too impressive, but definitely suitable for the purposes of Snapchat. Audio quality is not spectacular either, but that is no big deal unless you plan on shooting a feature length film on these glasses. The specs charge within the charging case that comes with the glasses. On a typical day of use, my Spectacles lasted the entire day and in some cases slightly longer. Pairing Spectacles to a device is a simple process that usually goes smoothly depending on your experience with Bluetooth. Out of the box, my Spectacles had a hard time pairing but eventually seemed to connect hours later. Once Bluetooth links your phone with the specs, you can get on with snapping unassuming victims. Spectacles can also be paired over WiFi if Bluetooth is not an option. In order to capture a picture or video, simply press the button that is built into the frame of the glasses. The indicator light will begin to flash to let others know that you are capturing the scene.

During the night and while indoors Spectacles can become a bit awkward. Nobody wants to be the person wearing their sunglasses at night. Especially when those sunglasses already have cameras built into them. However, at least in my experience, the embarrassment is well worth the excellent footage that one is able to capture. These glasses make the most mundane activities seem interesting with their distinct POV angles and circular aperture. As an added bonus, the glasses function very well as normal sunglasses for those unbearably sunny days.

Unfortunately, Spectacles are not as easy to obtain as any ordinary pair of sunglasses. In fact, Snapchat only sells their glasses from “Snapbot” machines located in various major cities around the country. Additionally, popular colors (such as “Teal” and “Coral”) are currently sold out or in limited quantities in most cities. Not close to a “Snapbot” location? Not to worry, you will only have to pay an arm and a leg for them on eBay.

Happy snapping!