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Introducing Blue Whale Foundation

Blue Whale is a decentralised ecosystem that empowers the world’s freelance community. It aims to provide freelancers with benefits that otherwise free-lancers might not have, such as paid-time-off, and retirement pensions.

Partnership Details

LogisticsX will be enlisting freelancers to perform duties as collection points (“Parker”), free-lancer couriers (“Runner”), there would be a need for a fair, transparent and rewarding system to entice more involvement and contributions. Firstly, LogisticsX will aim to leverage on the Blue Whale blockchain network to keep track of and rewards the various stakeholders. Secondly, a rewards system will be set-up to receive and disburse PNP Tokens as the underlying currency of the network. The entire system will be referred to as LogisticsX Ecosystem.

Contribution Activity Manager(CAM)

LogisticsX will leverage on the Blue Whale Contribution Activity Manager (“CAM”) to keep track of the rewards earned through the stakeholders’ activities. CAM keeps track of the reward allocation to each individual fairly based on the amount of work they have completed in the LogisticsX Ecosystem. As the different stakeholders will play various roles in the end to end delivery chain, the need for CAM to be tamper proof will be essential. Additional, there are also sub-components within CAM which will be modularized and used only when relevant.

Rewards Bank (ReBa)

In order to receive and disburse payouts or reward tokens to logistics stakeholders based on the daily activities recorded by CAM, LogisticsX will utilise Blue Whale’s ReBa to ensure transparency and trustworthiness in the distribution of the PNP Tokens. For each parcel collected or delivered, the Parker or Runner will receive certain PNP Tokens, subject to periodic adjustments. Additionally, once every year, an additional reward will be given.

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About LogisticsX

LogisticsX aims to utilise blockchain technology to create a decentralised platform that will tackle the challenges in the last-mile logistics. It is envisioned that the trustless nature of the platform will provide the foundation for a harmonized ecosystem between the different stakeholders involved in the last-mile process. LogisticsX will introduce sharing economy into the ecosystem, utilizing untapped space (Parker) and time (Runner) to further enhance the efficiency.

LogisticsX envisions to set forth the global common standard for the connection between logistics stakeholders to increase efficiency in a global parcel delivery network.

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Decentralised platform that connects E-commerce, 3rd Party Logistics, Collection Points, and Runners into a multiparty trustless network


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Decentralised platform that connects E-commerce, 3rd Party Logistics, Collection Points, and Runners into a multiparty trustless network

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