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Reduce RTO while improving your brand value by communicating better

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Communicate to curb RTO

Communicate to build your brand

Utilize WhatsApp

Make use of Logisy to up your game

Logisy’s Communication Tool in action: Sends notifications automatically based on multiple events and tracks if the customer has seen the messages or not.

Hooking up different events

  • Shipment Events — Logisy sends notifications to the customers whenever a shipment event occurs like “out for delivery”, “in transit”, etc.
  • NDR (Non-Delivery Report) Generation — If Logisy encounters a delivery exception, it can be configured to automatically ask the customer about their side of the experience.
  • Convert CoD to Paid Orders — If enabled, Logisy sends offers (created by you) to your CoD customers, urging them to convert their orders to “paid” by paying online.
  • Order Confirmation — Logisy notifies customers whenever an order is placed.

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Eshan Das

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