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Can I use a 3rd party USB hub with a SWYTCH A/V USB port?

Swytch was only designed with enough USB ports to support the Rally System; we send both audio and video over the same USB cable. Unfortunately, a single USB connection for Audio and Video does not accommodate a DSP. Adding a Powered USB Hub to the USB-A (AV) port on Swytch will allow you to connect both the Rally Camera and the DSP. When using the Swytch, the audio will follow the video between the user’s laptop and then back to the platform-based computer.

Caveats and USB Layers

When deploying, make sure not to break the golden rule of USB, which is limited to seven USB layers (Root+5 hub layers+end device). For example, Swytch itself consists of two layers — one layer in the active USB cable between Swytch Hub and Swytch Extender and one layer in the Swytch Hub itself.

This is not a Logitech Supported Solution.

Remember that this is not a “Logitech Supported” solution. This means that the 3rd party pieces of this solution will not be supported by Logitech and they will need to be supported by whoever manufactures that piece or by the integrator.

Other support and notes

  • Ensure that the DSP is listed as “supported” by the platform. Check Microsoft, Google and Zoom pages for the best options. Otherwise the HID commands might not work for volume control, mute and any indication lights that are expected
  • A USB3.0 hub generally will not provide the 12v of power required for the Rally Camera to operate. It is recommended to power the camera separately with the Logi Power injector and Power supply.
  • Power adapter with regional plugs (P/N: 993–001898)
  • Power splitter & case (P/N: 993–001903)

More detail about Hub Layers can be learned here



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