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Can the Swytch be used in dual display rooms?

When the BYOD laptop is connected to Swytch, it will be a single display that is used. However, a Swytch can be used in a dedicated room with Dual displays.

For example, Microsoft Teams or Zoom Room may have dual displays and be integrated with Swytch. When a normal call for the specific UC platform is running, then the dual displays will be active.

However, when the BYOD laptop is connected, Swytch then takes over (or hijacks) the screen, camera, mics, and speakers in the room. In that case, only one of the dual screens will be used for that BYOD connection.

In the wiring diagram below, you will find a RallyBar that is connected to a Windows-based Rooms system (or PC) and integrated with Swytch. Let’s say this is a Microsoft Teams room. If one were to place a call using the Main system, one would utilize both displays. If one connected the Laptop (shown above), only one display would be utilized.

Screen Mirroring

There is an exception to the above scenario.

The RallyBar and RallyBar Mini are stand-alone devices that can be used in a windows-based solution as described above. They can also be a fully standalone appliance running one of multiple UC platforms, including Teams and Zoom.

Because they are both the Camera, Mics, Speakers, and the Room system all in one, they have the ability (when used with Swytch or their Native BYOD mode) to mirror the screen from the connected laptop onto both screens if dual screens are deployed.

They are wired slightly differently than in the above diagram. The limitation is that the HDMI ingest port is utilized on the Rally Bar itself, making it unavailable for normal content sharing.

See Below:

Logitech Swytch does not do content sharing. It “Hijacks” the technology in the room and runs the meeting in question on the laptop.



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