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How can I provide HDMI ingest to my Logitech Room System?

Logitech Room systems come in 2 flavors. Windows-based room systems and Appliance-based room systems.

Windows-Based Room Systems

Windows-based Room systems can either be for Microsoft Teams (MTRoW) or Microsoft Zoom (ZRoW). In either case, the Room consists of a Logitech Tap USB Controller a dedicated windows-based room commute, and a camera/mic/speaker system that fits the application or room size.

Windows-Based Room System with Logitech TAP, Room PC, and Rally Bar

Logitech bundles several room PC models, none of which have an HDMI ingest port on the PC itself. The TAP controller has an HDMI ingest port, making it simple to connect a laptop for the purposes of sharing content into the Room system — the TAP controller is typically located on the table.

The HDMI ingest port on the Logitech TAP is available in both Microsoft Teams and Zoom Rooms on Windows-based systems.

To allow content sharing, all one would need to do is connect an HDMI cable to the TAP and leave that cable available for an end-user to connect their laptop. (See Below)

Connecting and HDMI cable to Logitech TAP

Note: The TAP USB controller is the only available controller for Logitech Windows-based room systems. Logitech has a network version of their controller called TAP IP which is only available for use with Appliance-based room systems.

For more info on the difference between TAP USB and TAP IP please see the following article:


Appliance-Based Room Systems

Appliance-based room systems, at least when Logitech is using this term, are those systems that do not require a dedicated Windows-based PC.

Logitech Appliance-based Room system with Tap controller and Rally Bar

It is called an appliance because it is an enclosed system running a specialized OS developed by Logitech called CollabOS.

CollabOS is a locked-down, hardened implementation of Android 10 purposefully configured for use as a video conferencing appliance.

The Rally Bar, and Rally Bar Mini, are all examples of Room Systems that run CollabOS and therefore when they are used without a windows-based PC, are considered appliance-based room systems. The Logitech Roommate is also and appliance-based room system.

With Appliance-based room systems, we can run one of several different platform modes. The platforms supported by Logitech Appliance-Based room systems are Zoom, Teams, PexIP, GOTO Meeting, RingCentral, and Tencent.

Currently, the HDMI Port on the TAP itself is not supported in Appliance mode, however, the Appliance-based Room Systems have an HDMI port located on the main device. The Rally Bars and the Roommate have an HDMI ingest port located on their main chassis.

As stated earlier the TAP USB controller HDMI ingest port is not available for use with Appliance-based room systems.

The network version of the Logitech controller, called TAP IP, is available for use with Appliance-based systems. However, the TAP IP does not have an HDMI port on it.

For Appliance-based room systems, one would need to extend HDMI out to the table, either using and appropriate-sized cable or a network-based HDMI extender.



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