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How do I set the presets on the Rally Bar remote control?

The Rally Bar (also Rally Bar Mini and Roommate) remote has 1 preset button. (Number 17 in the example below)

To program that button manually control the camera (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) to the desired location and hold down the Preset Button for 3 seconds.

The Home button (Number 9) can also be used like a preset except it has additional functionality. The default or home position can be set by approaching the desired position and then holding down the home button for about 15s. It then flashes the LED briefly green.

If one taps the Home button when AutoFraming is on then the camera will return home AND the Auto Tracking feature will turn off. If one taps it again the AutoFrmaing feature will turn back on.

(If Auto Framing is turned off in settings the Home button will not turn the Auto Tracking feature on and off).



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