This article reflects information on wired HDMI ingest support on Logitech Rally Bar and Tap (USB), for both Windows and Android scenarios.

It is accurate only up to the date of the article, new changes may have been made since.

1- HDMI ingest on Tap with ZRoA (Zoom Room over Android) and MTRoA (Microsoft Teams Room over Android)— you may see it is already working in public CollabOS, but it is not yet officially supported.

2- HDMI ingest on Rally Bar itself with MTRoA is fully supported starting from CollabOS 1.5.709.

3 HDMI ingest on RoomMate itself is fully supported starting from CollabOS 1.6.303.

4- Audio with HDMI IN is not supported on MTRoA — this is “as designed” on the Microsoft side.

NOTE: When both RB/RBM/RM on-device HDMI IN and Tap HDMI IN are connected, Tap HDMI IN takes priority.



The ideal camera position is at eye level (Approximately 42 inches above the floor for seated participants), which provides the most natural orientation for face-to-face collaboration. Visual performance can be diminished if a camera is positioned too high (or too low) relative to meeting participants. An eye-level camera position may be difficult to accomplish with a single display where the camera must be positioned just above or below the screen. To help address this issue, all Logitech ConferenceCams features a motorized pan and tilt to help adjust and fine-tune the viewing angle.



Teams Room on Android or Windows still supports a single controller. It’s a known MSFT limitation as of the writing of this article.

Microsoft Teams can currently support multiple scheduling panels.

Teams Rooms on Windows only will support a home run controller directly to the compute like our Tap USB (Cat5e). It doesn’t support IP-based controllers like our Tap IP.

Teams Room on Android can use our Tap IP or Tap USB controller as a single controller.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms support up to 10 total Zoom Room Controllers and Schedulers. Any combination of one Tap and multiple Tap IP and Tap Scheduler devices, up to a total of 10 devices, is possible.



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