Experiment: Do people remember the logos of famous brands? Part II

Last week we conducted an experiment in which we were trying to figure out: how well people remember logos of famous brands? Here is the second part of our comic experiment, this time people drew logos of Starbucks, Peugeot, KFC, Burger King and Linux.

To be honest, we knew in advance that Starbucks logo drawings are going to be ridiculous. However, almost everyone remembered the “mermaid” in a circle. Everyone but one person…

Jokes aside, we agreed that you simply can’t pass by THAT sign!

All these… “lions”… They look to the right, contrary to the original. The reason for that may be that when we observe something from the side, we perceive “moving forward” as a movement “from left to right.”

“Who’s a good boy?”

Well, remembering Colonel Sanders is one thing, but drawing him…

\ (•◡•) / Yaahoo!

Burger King definitely has something to take from this experiment: people definitely associate the crown with this brand.

During this Photoshop session our content manager almost starved to death!

«Who is that creepy dude on our penguin party?»

Just look at him! He likes it :)