Top 4 most common mistakes in business card design

Roman Lemov
Jul 5, 2017 · 3 min read

Learning it is helpful not only for designers, but for everyone who plans to make a business card for himself, or already have one.

1. Layout mistakes

There must be a clear layout while designing a business card: it helps you to put accents on the card. If the layout is poor, no one will understand what is important and what is not, it will basically mess up your card. Besides, a simple “grid” is crucial to make text easier to read.

Before: no grid, accents are bad
After: clear grid and clear accents

2. Working with fonts

Here is a simple list of hints on working with fonts:

  • It is important to find fonts that work together well, so a good advice would be to not use more fonts than two;
  • Do not apply effects to fonts (with very few exceptions);
  • Never deform or stretch fonts — they are meant to be used as they are.
Before: can you spot that Comic Sans?
After: so did it get worse or better after removing these stylish gradients?

3. Readability issues

Applying as much effects as possible is a bad idea. A shadow, 3D imitation or a texture will prevent information from being conveyed as simply and clearly as possible. Do not forget that business card is basically a thin piece of paper and trying to mimic some kind of texture or 3D image on it will ruin your design most of the times. It is better to invest in good materials.

Before… Do I really need to explain it?
After: “But I wanted some 3D and shadows! Why would I pay for a card I could do myself? You are designer, where is the design???”

4. Mistakes in the information

This final group includes mistakes made on the stage of filling your card with information:

  • Links. First of all, get rid of “https://”. It looks more like noise on the way to useful information. Also an “id” of your community should look like “/logomachine”, not “/id8345783432”;
  • Phone numbers. Rules differ from country to country, but the main one is simple — it should be easy for someone to read! Don’t stick numbers together into a pile.
  • Email. “” is a bad example. Try to have some serious login and put it under domain of your company.
  • If you are a famous person (entrepreneur or director of a company), using your own photo is considered being a bad taste. It helps only when you are a manager and your photo on business card is needed to identify and differ you from other managers of the company.
  • Bilingual business card screams that you wanted to save extra money instead of printing extra business cards for foreign clients.
Before: it looks fine, but works sooooo bad
After: that’s what I’m talking about


Of course there are some exceptions, but following these rules you will learn not to make the most common mistakes when creating a business card.

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We are a logo design studio with clients all over the world. We love what we do and we do it well.

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We are a logo design studio with clients all over the world. We love what we do and we do it well.