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Joining Ripple’s Xpring

We are excited to announce that we joined Ripple this week, where the Logos team will continue working on the cutting edge of blockchain technology as part of the company’s Xpring initiative. Xpring helps innovative blockchain projects grow through partnerships and investment and builds the best crypto infrastructure to grow the XRP ecosystem.

Since the Logos project was launched almost two years ago, we have continually pushed the envelope of blockchain speed and scalability, and we are eager to bring that same energy and passion to the Xpring team.

Ripple has always been highly visible to us as one of the original innovators in crypto and fintech. Over the past few months and as we met the broader team, we have been repeatedly impressed by the scope of expertise and clarity of vision present at all levels of the organization. Ripple offers a peerless platform in the blockchain space, and the opportunity to contribute to and shape its growing ecosystem of projects is unparalleled.

While this chapter of Logos is closing, the ideas and spirit behind Logos will continue in our work at Xpring. We have not yet finalized the plans for the Logos core technology, which has continued to set the bar for blockchain performance, but we hope to have exciting news to share in the near future.

As we look ahead to our next chapter at Ripple, we expect that our team will work on a variety of projects at all levels of the Xpring platform, with a particular focus on enabling a wide range of DeFi applications. We continue to strongly believe that the future of payments and finance lies in blockchain and decentralization, and Ripple is the perfect place for us to help build that future.

We’re excited to work with you along the way!

The Logos Team

For more information on the deal, please see Xpring’s blog post.



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