Sereja Saltovskiy
Oct 29, 2018 · 8 min read

As we are getting closer to the Christmas holidays, 2019 isn’t any further. For the last months, we’ve been analyzing and identifying global trends in design. This article was inspired by Filip Triner’s initial article about design trends in 2018.

In short, we will continue seeing an active development of AR (Augmented Reality) field. Designs are becoming more user-oriented, tempting users to spend more time inside of the products, mostly games, for now. 3D modeling is also increasing in popularity. Combination of existing effects such as shadows and parallax scrolling are becoming more popular in consumer-oriented products.

We’ve accumulated 18 spheres of design trend, with visual examples in each case.

3D objects modelling

3D design trend spreads wider and wider, and 2019 won’t be an exception. There is no doubt that this tendency stays demanded especially for brands and key-visual identity.

Design in Augmented Reality

Augmented reality rapid development owerflows video games and comes out to different fields of design. It will be applied in mobile platforms more and more often, as a new interaction channel between brand and a customer.

3D Typography

Designers aspiration to show creativity leads us to wonderful awesome 3D projects. Typography is an immense field for creative solutions.

Handmade digitization

Digitized paint gives designers a unique opportunity to transform real-life physical object to inimitable art composition with absolutely stunning style and atmosphere. Such kind of art is able to do surprise you like nothing else.

Saturated duotone

Duotone gets back to design tendency in absolutely new forms! The bright and saturated gradients in new styles will breathe a new life of such a popular graphic reception.

3D animation

Dynamic 3D will be applied more and more competing with static posters, while AR is catching up!

Creative photos

Thanks to unusual sets the new generation of extra creative photos will infiltrate graphics solutions and art compositions.

Animated Retro-Pictures

Restyled and animated illustration will take its own place in design trends, giving us a special new vision of retro art.

Photos with gel filters

Absolutely unique technical solutions give photographers immense ways of creativity too! Such effects can’t be reproduced via Photoshop, and a special filter for cam will be the only way to create such a great composition.

Adaptive form of trademarks

Extremely different vectors of using identity make designers create variants of trademarks forms. This reception allows the one to use the logo in any situations and platforms.

Simplified semi-3D logos

New logos will become a synergy of simple 2D and duotone solutions. Bright and saturated colors become a basis for extraordinary graphic styles.

Bespoke creative fonts

Bespoke fonts is a special way to show the client’s identity and uniqueness, and designers are going to offer this wonderful solution for different kinds of tasks.

Interactive 3D elements

Absolutely incredible 3D compositions will surely become one of the most demanded ways of creating brilliant and “tasty” projects! Thanks to the opportunity of its interactivity such kind of design are much more intuitive and convenient for the user.

Interactive cursor

Aspiration of creating more intuitive products makes designers develop a new level of user-action responsiveness. A cursor-reacting content is one of these ways of user interaction.

Creative website loading screen

Boring simple progress-bars is not the way of future. The need for loading a complex website — is a great new way of showing brand splendor and its creativity.


Typically used in a mechanical drawing way of demonstrating an object infiltrates into the graphic design as well, and it looks great!

Depth effect for flat design

Perhaps the appetizing way of content representing, and of course, its bounded with 3D! This effect can be reinforced with separating the composition for some layers, and the result is always inimitable!

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We create logos, corporate identity design, 3D visualization, UI&UX, and we specialize in startups.

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We create logos, corporate identity design, 3D visualization, UI&UX, and we specialize in startups.

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