Hope Never Fades

By Dr Teria Shantall

Without hope despair sets in. In its wake, in the pit of despair, comes depression. And when depression becomes morbid, the will to live dies. But even suicide, or a surrender to the deadly effects of hopelessness that can end in death, cannot extinguish a last breath of protest.

Hope remains.

If losing all hope and, with that, any reason for living, then a drastic end to the process before it has run full course is a last snatch at hope. Maybe it can be found somewhere else, in a life hereafter. There must be another chance.

Life will go on, if not now, then.

What gives life to hope if not life itself, its preciousness, its beauty, its awesomeness? We cannot bear to lose life. We love it too much. Even on the altar of death, the renewal and resurrection of life holds promise.

Hope survives!

What is hope but the love of life? Frankl speaks about the tragic triad: pain, guilt and death. We experience pain at the prospect of losing life, all that we hold precious about it. We experience guilt when we have damaged life, when we have failed to hold it dear.

Death spells the end of life. But is it?

In the face of the tragic triad Frankl placed another triad, the triad of faith, hope and love: faith in the unconditional and indestructible meaning of life, the hope that we will retain it, and the love of life that sustains us.

Our lives are meant to tip the scales in our favor: death is to be swallowed up in victory!

And the Greatest of These is Love

Consider this: if you had to face a situation that looked all but hopeless and where a miserable end seems to be the only consequence of a losing battle, what will make you hope against all hope? You have fought a long and hard battle of faith for a good outcome, a rescue out of what seems an impossible state of affairs. Someone you love with all your heart, mind and soul is facing nothing but total disaster. Your loved one is sinking into the mire and you cannot do anything about it. What will make you still believe that a change is possible, that a last-minute turn of events can still occur?

What, if not love?